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Desperate Regime: Separation of University from Street by Curtain

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Iran Coronavirus August 10 – Creating Trust by Seizing Newspapers

Chaos and inaction by Islamic Republic facilitates killing Iranians by COVID-19. A newspaper is seized and Moharram manipulations continue. Prisoners in danger.

Yesterday report included an article published by Jahan Sanat where a member of National Corona Combating Task Force admitted the stats provided by the Ministry of Health are all engineered and should not be trusted. Although, that was just a confirmation for our MONTHS of analysis, graphs and proofs to government’s malign intention to cover up truth about COVID-19 numbers, but still Islamic Republic proved once more that it can’t tolerate and/or handle any disagreement with its view unless through oppression. Today, the Judiciary has seized the newspaper! Sima Sadat Lari also slammed Mohammadreza Mahboubfar, saying he wasn’t a member of the Task Force or the Ministry of Health and should not have said those comments!

Repressing the opposition voice has been the strategy of Islamic Republic since its inception, and now it has employed the help of the novel coronavirus for its dirty work. According to Human Rights Activists, 12 new cases of COVID-19 have been diagnosed among political prisoners at notorious Evin Prison whom have been kept in a small cell together with little to no medical help. We have published articles on horrifying condition of prisoners in regime’s facilities during COVID-19 crisis based on Amnesty International report.

On the other hand, as mentioned in previous reports, the majority of students, parents, and experts had warned about holding the “national university entrance exam” or “Konkour”, which more than one million high school graduates participate in it to know their college fate based on their ranks. However, this year COVID-19 has caused concern among everybody involved, which led to two Ministers to go against each other. Health Minister insisting on holding it on time, Science Minister asking for a month time to implement health protocols. Today, Saeed Namaki, the Health Minister of Islamic Republic, backed down and agreed to bring up the subject in National Task Force meeting and postpone Konkour for a possible one month.

The main question becomes, how is it possible that for a national exam where people would have designated seats, there are only a million people in designated spots, mostly large areas with high ceilings and proper ventilation, the government needs additional 1 month to make sure health protocols would be followed, but for Moharram, where millions and millions of people of all ages would be so close to each other and many homes, mosques, small warehouses that may not even provide proper ventilations, everybody has agreed to hold the mourning ceremonies without any problem?!

In the meantime, Ministry of Health Spokesperson, announced 2,132 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 189 deaths in the past 24 hours. The day after we published “Moharram (Muharram) Manipulation” with evidence, the number of deaths has increased! The number of critical patients and active cases keep on declining despite no changes on the ground, including full hospitals, shortage of healthcare staff, and 26 of 31 provinces in critical conditions!

Basic Reproduction Rate (R0) and graphs indicate the ongoing crisis and our daily reports show the chaos and confusion in every part of Islamic Republic to manage the many problems Iranians are facing, including the devastating effects of COVID-19.
R0: 1.42
Total: 328,844 (+2,132)
Dead: 18,616 (+189)
Healed: 286,642
Critical: 3,992 (-30)
Admitted: 23,586 (-328)
Tests: 2,711,817



Total deaths
Updated on December 4, 2022 11:48 AM
Total recovered
Updated on December 4, 2022 11:48 AM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on December 4, 2022 11:48 AM
Total active cases
Updated on December 4, 2022 11:48 AM






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