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Iran Coronavirus August 12, 2021 – Islamic Republic is Responsible for COVID-19 Massacre

Iranians hold Khamenei and the entire Islamic Republic responsible for the ongoing COVID-19 massacre in Iran. Delta rages through Iran, Islamic Republic holds Friday Prayers and Muharram!

There is no stop to Delta variant of coronavirus in Iran. Islamic Republic keeps making matters worse with its inaction or its intentional mismanagement. None of the COVID-19 restrictions are enforced in crowded Muharram gatherings which are ongoing with Khamenei’s support, all businesses are running as usual, since people have no support to stay home, and even vaccination lines are one of the main hot spots for the virus!

Mashhad is experiencing the worst days of the pandemic since it started 18 months ago in Iran. There are shortages of bed, oxygen, medication, even gurneys and ambulances to carry the dead! Cemeteries are unable to meet the demand and corpses are piled up in hospital morgues. This is Hasheminejad hospital morgue in the second biggest city of the country. It is also one of the places with the most outrageous Muharram gatherings!

East Azerbaijan is added to the ever-growing list of critical provinces. According to health authorities, the province is entering the fifth wave domanitated by Delta. Dr. Rajaei confirmed the increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the province, especially in the past 3 days. Tehran, Kerman, Sistan-Baluchestan, Hormozgan, Fars, Gilan, Mazandaran, Qazvin and all other provinces reported before, report no change in their dire situation! Despite the dreadful reports, Islamic Republic insists on holding its propaganda and holding religious gatherings. Islamic Propaganda Organization encourages people to attend Muharram gatherings and Friday Prayers, regardless of COVID-19 “coloring” of the city.

However, Saeed Namaki predicts even worse days are ahead! In his meeting with IRGC’s Basij, Islamic Republic Health Minister praised his work and admired Basij more than 3 times! Saeed Namaki proudly said he had predicted more than 500 deaths a day. He blamed the people and as usual, praised the Supreme Leader. Namaki implied he had sent several “top secret” letter asking for help but mentioned his last letter in which he requested Khamenei’s help to lock down the country for 2 weeks. However, he failed to mention what the outcome of that letter and “Khamenei’s help” was! Mr. Health Minister repeated his previous claim that he shouldn’t have imported vaccines, but he did and claimed more than 120 million doses would be available by November, where he would no longer be in that seat! FDA Spokesman asserted 40million of those would be imported!

Late and chaotic vaccination with ineffective vaccines and horrifying confessions of Dr. Zali have outraged the Iranians, provoking furious reactions on social media. They hold Khamenei responsible for banning the importation of US and UK made vaccines while giving exclusive rights of “homegrown vaccine” to his own foundation! COVIran Barekat which its safety and efficacy has never been proven and no results have been published, has been like an oil well for Khamenei and his gang of Ayatollahs, at the expense of thousands of Iranians’ lives. They also posted heartbreaking videos and posts about their loved ones being killed due to the Islamic Republic’s cruelty and corruption.

And this is a sample of what is happening in vaccination lines across the country. Vulnerable people have to stay in lines for hours and at the end, they may or may not receive a shot. This is what Saeed Namaki, IRGC and Khamenei are proud of after 18 months of crisis.

Ministry of Health announced 17,760,262 total shots have been administered in Iran since February 9 while only 3,531,142 (4.20% of population) are fully vaccinated. While Islamic Republic Customs officials claim more than 21,000,000 doses of vaccines, including more than 14million Chinese Sinopharm have arrived in Iran, IranTrue’s vaccine tracker indicate about 17,000,000 total doses have been imported. The constrain on the stockpile which Zali had mentioned is showing its first signs. Qazvin will not be providing second shots to anybody on Friday! This is Ministry’s individual vaccine administrations report:

In its daily manipulated data release, Islamic Republic Ministry of Health claimed 568 died of COVID-19 in Iran in the past 24 hours and 39,049 tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Deputy Health Minister and president of Iran Medical Council had recently admitted the real numbers are “definitely much higher!” As seen on the graphs, active and critical cases reach new highs every day and the regime is only exacerbating the situation.
R0: 3.06
Total: 4,320,266 (+39,049)
Dead: 96,215 (+568)
Recovered: 3,647,016
Critical: 7,048 (+116)
Active Cases: 577,035 (+9,689)
Total Tests: 26,889,997

Cover: Ali Abdollahi



Total deaths
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Total recovered
Updated on December 4, 2022 3:40 AM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on December 4, 2022 3:40 AM
Total active cases
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