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Iran Coronavirus August 13 – The Increase of Decrease Before Moharram

COVID-19 crisis in Iran is unstoppable, but that doesn't stop Islamic Republic to sacrifice people for its grip on power! 174 more Iranians died of coronavirus.

The Islamic Republic daily show of fake, undercounted and highly scrutinized stats starring Sima Sadat Lari continued today. She announced 2,625 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 174 deaths in the past 24 hours. The same 26 provinces remain in red or alarming situation. However, the Ministry of Health Spokesperson claimed the number of admissions in the country has decreased about 25%, 139 cities are in red status and 99 are designated alarming, a decrease from days before. She failed to mention what time-period she was referring to because according to their own data, there is an increase of 637 patients admitted in already overwhelmed hospitals! And yesterday that number was 698! Also, she didn’t mention if she meant “counties” by saying “cities”, because Iran has more than 1200 cities and 424 counties, considering 26 of 31 provinces are critical, it only makes sense if 238 of its counties are in critical status, which still doesn’t correspond with the number of red/alarming provinces.

In the meantime, Tehran continues to be in red status and officials have extended the restrictions on high risk businesses, and all gatherings are banned for another week. However, they’re all ready to be lifted just in time for Moharram! The month of mourning “3rd Shia Imam” who was killed in Karbala 1340 years ago, on the 10th of Mohrram, Ashura Day which falls on August 29, this year. Islamic Republic officials have been adamant to hold the rituals despite the experts’ advice against it, warning the gatherings would cause another wave of cases and deaths which the country just can’t bear. End of those gatherings would also coincide with the flu season.

Although Khamenei, Rouhani, Namaki and religious leaders all emphasize on people “following health protocols”, but those protocols are impossible to be implemented. The Islamic Republic has been unable to have people follow social distancing and wearing masks at bakery lines, let alone in gatherings with thousands of people at attendance.

Basic Reproduction Rate (R0) increases another point and graphs indicate no decline in admissions as the regime puppet, Sadat Lari, claims. Despite that, Education Minister announced the new school year will start from September 5, and if a school has enough space and low number of students where social distancing is possible, all classes will be in-person, and if not, they would be divided into “odd and even days”, and some classes will be online or through TV.
R0: 1.43
Total: 336,324 (+2,625)
Dead: 19,162 (+174)
Healed: 292,058
Critical: 3,971 (+41)
Admitted: 25,104 (+637)
Tests: 2,788,027



Total deaths
Updated on December 4, 2022 10:47 AM
Total recovered
Updated on December 4, 2022 10:47 AM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on December 4, 2022 10:47 AM
Total active cases
Updated on December 4, 2022 10:47 AM






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