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Iran Coronavirus August 15, 2021 – Islamic Republic Exacerbates COVID-19 Hell

Delta continues breaking COVID-19 death records while Islamic Republic makes matters worse. Muharram gatherings continue. "Iran will experience India's situation, soon!"

Delta variant breaks the daily death toll record once again with 620! However, as Deputy Health Minister Harirch has said, the real numbers are “definitely much higher.” The recent article by IranTrue could prove that. Tehran and Mashhad, the top two biggest and most populous cities in Iran, have set new records for cases, hospitalizations and deaths. At the same time, Islamic Republic has introduced new restrictions to help curb the virus. However, these measures are all ineffective and even more damaging. Prior 6-day closure of Tehran and Alborz had proven that any short-term travel ban will become a perfect vacation time for many. But, the regime needs money and does not care about the life of Iranians. Public transportation runs as usual and so are many other businesses! According to officials, the traffic in the roads to the northern provinces has increased and many have already made it to Gilan, Mazandaran and Golestan.

Those provinces already are struggling to accommodate their own COVID-19 patients at their full hospitals. Golestan Representative at the Islamic Republic “parliament” described the situation in northern provinces as “black”, requesting people not to travel there. Head of Mazandaran Medical University said they are fighting the “COVID-19 plague empty-handed!”

Dr. Tabarsi, head of infectious-disease ward at Masih Daneshvari hospital in Tehran, reiterated the same points demanding all restaurants and shopping malls to be closed too. He said this level of disorganized “closures” where all gatherings, including Muharram, are held and everywhere is opened, is more harmful! Tabarsi also confirmed the hospitals are full, and shortage of medications is prevalent. At the same time, Isfahan City Council requested the police and other authorities to take the protocols more seriously! Head of Isfahan Medical University warned if nothing is done, “we will have a situation like India!” Dr. Changiz admitted to full hospitals with more than 3,300 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, saying the most uncommon places are being used to admit patients, including corridors and operating rooms! She reiterated the shortage of medications, oxygen and equipment in the province’s hospitals.

Meanwhile, other provinces continue reporting their devastating situations. Kermanshah reports more than 1,000 hospitalized patients with hospitals almost at full capacity. According to officials, every 4 minutes 1 person was admitted in Kermanshah! Ardabil records 17 deaths in 1 day, and Zanjan hospitals are full.

Dr. Zali’s recent statement about Islamic Republic not buying reliable vaccines because “they thought it was expensive,” have provoked different reactions in different circles. Ordinary citizens have been blaming the regime and Khamenei at its head for not caring for Iranians’ lives while security apparatus and IRGC-affiliated news agencies have been trying to tarnish Zali. Fars News, close to IRGC, has demanded the MOIS and intelligence services to summon the head of Tehran Corona Combating Committee and “hold him accountable!” The agency wrote: “Dr. Zali’s statements were of promiscuity nature in talk!”

On the other hand, vaccination with ineffective vaccines continues. The chaotic process across Iran has exposed many people to the Delta variant! According to the Ministry of Health, since February 9, total of 19,166,626 shots have been administered while only 4,070,484 (4.84% of Iran population) are fully vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health Spokesperson claimed 620 died of COVID-19 in Iran in the past 24 hours and 36,736 tested positive for the novel coronavirus. As the graphs illustrate, active and critical cases continue to soar and break all the records.
R0: 3.08
Total: 4,425,821 (+36,736)
Dead: 97,828 (+620)
Recovered: 3,728,940
Critical: 7,323 (+71)
Active Cases: 599,053 (+8,004)
Total Tests: 27,177,565

Cover: Koosha Mahshid-Falahi



Total deaths
Updated on March 25, 2023 2:02 AM
Total recovered
Updated on March 25, 2023 2:02 AM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on March 25, 2023 2:02 AM
Total active cases
Updated on March 25, 2023 2:02 AM






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