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How Mahsa Amini Became the Cipher of Uprising

She was announced dead on Friday September...

Iran Coronavirus August 16 – Impossible Protocols

Prisoners are in danger, Moharram manipulations continue and Konkour is held according to the regime's plan! 147 more died of COVID-19 in Iran.

It’s time for another grim report from Iran on COVID-19 crisis. It’s been 180 days with the deadly coronavirus with no plan from the government. While most countries have been able to control the novel coronavirus after 3-4 months, Iran is passing 6 months mark and still grappling with the disease. However, the ruling Islamic Republic keeps blaming people for whatever that goes wrong in the country, but in fact, hiding the disease from day one, lying about the stats and inaction in quarantining epicenters, lifting restrictions prematurely and all at once and many more mistakes have caused thousands of Iranians to lose their lives. According to some insiders the numbers announced by the Ministry of Health Spokesperson in their daily show, is 1/20 of the real stats.

In accordance with their Moharram manipulations, the numbers have declined significantly and suddenly, again! As it’s shown in graphs, Sima Sadat Lari announced 2,133 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 147 deaths in the past 24 hours. The same 25 provinces remain in red and alarming status. Hospitals remain understaffed and many nurses are on strike for their unfair wages and contracts in Mashhad and other big cities. Holding Moharram gatherings and Konkour have become major news in the past few weeks. Konkour is to be held on time, and today, the Science Minister, who needed 1 month to make preparations and ensure proper protocol implementations, said “families rest assured their children will be safe.”

On the other hand, another Minister, Salehi, Minister of Islamic Guidance and Culture, tweeted “we shouldn’t make a hype about the choice between health and Moharram,” but both are possible. While he said Moharram doesn’t need to have big or long gatherings, it’s quite the opposite. All officials know implementing their “short, small, open space, social distanced,…” protocols are not possible. But those open the gate for their blame game after the resurgence of cases and deaths, if they can’t hide it again! “It’s all people’s fault not to follow our protocols.”

Furthermore, prisons are infested with the virus. The already inhumane environment of Islamic Republic prisons have become worse by the overwhelming number of political prisoners and not granting them furlough despite Judiciary’s directive. Today, 72 prisoners in Greater Tehran Prison have started their hunger strike protesting their horrifying situation, especially with COVID-19 in prison and many have tested positive but not taken care of or quarantined, therefore, thousands being in danger of losing their lives!

Basic Reproduction Rate (R0) and graphs alarm us about the manipulations in stats. The sudden decrease in cases, deaths, critical cases, positivity rate,… are all alarming, even though they’re based on official stats which have been proven to be fake and widely undercounted.
R0: 1.43
Total: 343,203 (+2,133)
Dead: 19,639 (+147)
Healed: 297,486
Critical: 3,881 (-30)
Admitted: 26,078 (+130)
Tests: 2,861,825



Total deaths
Updated on October 6, 2022 8:26 PM
Total recovered
Updated on October 6, 2022 8:26 PM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on October 6, 2022 8:26 PM
Total active cases
Updated on October 6, 2022 8:26 PM






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