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Iran Coronavirus August 26, 2021 – No Vaccine for People, Plenty for Clerics

Shortage of COVID-19 vaccine across Iran has shut down centers, but clerics are called upon to receive their shots! Hospitals full and death toll on the rise.

Islamic Republic’s deliberate inaction and massacre of Iranians with the help of Delta variant of coronavirus continues. Hospitals across the country are filled with COVID-19 patients. Hospitalizations and infections keep on soaring while the regime’s new Health Minister, after more than 18 months, wants to “educate pilgrims of the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad!” Dr. Einollahi, who signed the letter to ban US and UK made vaccines after Khamenei’s declaration, praised the “shrine authorities” for their implementation of proper protocols, when the shrine is the place for crowded gatherings during Muharram and other religious gatherings! Mr. Health Minister also claimed the COVID-19 patients’ treatment has been well done in the city, however, provincial officials and local reports tell a different story. Dr.Qolyan from Mashhad Medical University “hoped” that the Ministry will deliver on their promise and provide the city with 100 more ICU beds, because “there are no more!” Dr. Saghafi’s cries and pleads to officials for helping Mashhad is still fresh!

Isfahan hospitals are at full capacity. Lorestan has more than 1,370 hospitalized. Kermanshah‘s daily death toll reached double digits, setting a new record. Qazvin reports rising number of infections and hospitalizations. East Azerbainjan officials predict worse days ahead. Gilan remains critical and so does Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari.

Meanwhile, the chaotic vaccination process exacerbates! According to officials in Isfahan, Hormozgan, Khuzestan, East Azerbaijan,… the distribution of vaccines have been inconsistent, disorganized and slow. Isfahan reported closing down several centers due to lack of doses. East Azerbaijan suspended its vaccination altogether. And Hormozgan official says there is no second dose of Sputnik V in the country! Ahvaz Medical University official rebukes the Ministry of Health for only sending 1.5-day worth of doses to Khuzestan, saying, the distribution is messy: “Khuzestan has vaccine one day, but not the next!”

Citizen journalists’ report the same situation. People waiting in line for hours but there is no vaccine to administer! However, Islamic Republic media announced that clerics 18 and above can receive vaccines without appointment, while many elderly and even first responders have not been vaccinated yet.

On the other hand, Red Crescent Society keeps bragging about importing the ineffective Sinopharm from China. Today, the Spokesperson announced 2.2million doses arrived in Iran. It is worth noting, many breakthrough cases and deaths have been reported even after receiving both doses of Sinopharm and COVIran Barekat, the only “homegrown” vaccine of the Islamic Republic.

Ministry of Health Spokesperson reported total of 24,922,555 shots have been administered across Iran since February 9, while only 7,150,303 (8.51% of population) received both doses. Sima Sadat Lari also presented her manipulated data, claiming 694 died of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours and 36,758 tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Tehran University professor stated the real numbers are 7 times more, Deputy Health Minister Harirchi had admitted they are “definitely much higher” and Civil Registration Organization stats indicate more than 245,000 have died of COVID-19 until August 21, 2021. The graphs vividly illustrate the many waves Iran has been suffering due to Islamic Republic’s convoluted politics and cruelty.
R0: 3.04
Total: 4,833,135 (+36,758)
Dead: 104,716 (+694)
Recovered: 4,053,022
Critical: 7,788 (+33)
Active Cases: 675,397 (+3,886)
Total Tests: 28,330,070

Cover: Ali Abdollahi



Total deaths
Updated on March 25, 2023 2:02 AM
Total recovered
Updated on March 25, 2023 2:02 AM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on March 25, 2023 2:02 AM
Total active cases
Updated on March 25, 2023 2:02 AM






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