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Iran Coronavirus January 14 – Healthcare Staff Unable To Face Next Peak

COVID-19 in Iran finds new momentum as Islamic Republic officials disagree on reopening schools! Fatemieh gatherings and Friday Prayers are to be held despite warnings.

Minister of Education said the National Task Force has decided to reopen schools in all areas except for “red” zones for teachers, staff, 1st and 2nd graders! According to him there is no indication that reopening schools could cause a surge in COVID-19 cases. He mentioned EU and US as examples that are trying or already have reopened the schools. At the same time, Health Minister disagrees with him and says, “We strongly object reopening schools at this time, since we’re worried that the next peak will start again, just like the trap we fell into in April-May!” It’s worth noting reopening schools was a chaos at the beginning of school year in September, as well. At that time, Education Minister went back and forth on reopening schools or not.

Saeed Namaki continued his comment about the possible next peak in February and March by saying, “The next peak could be worse and our healthcare staff may not be able to face it anymore.” Harirchi, Deputy Health Minister, warns the hospitals and their staff are not ready for a next peak! Raisi, Deputy Health Minister in Health Affairs, asked people to refrain from any gathering! Head of Tehran Corona Combating Committee sounded the alarm for an increase in number of walk-ins and admissions in the capital. According to Dr.Zali, there’s been 6.7% increase in number of confirmed walk-ins compared to yesterday. He also said 309 have been admitted in the past 24hours, with 131 in ICUs! He said if this spike continues for another 48hrs, it’s a serious alarm for Tehran!

At the same time, Mayor of Tehran District 15 announced there would be a gathering for “Fatemieh” to mourn “the daughter of prophet!” Khamenei also started a 5-night “mourning period for Fatemeh” in his safe house with nobody attending, just like Muharram! Friday Prayers are also to be held across the country except the 7 “red” counties. All crowded gatherings with people using public transportation.

Sima Sadat Lari announced her daily undercounted and manipulated data. 81 COVID-19 deaths and 6,471 positive coronavirus tests in Iran in the past 24 hours are reported by the Ministry of Health Spokesperson. That shows a spike in number of new cases, as shown in the graphs. The northern belt remains red. 54,000 daily tests are performed, which adds up to about 10% of the population in 11 months of COVID-19 epidemic. Sadat Lari asks people to stay home due to air pollution that has reached new level of severity across the country, especially in Tehran and metropolitan areas.

Basic Reproduction Rate (R0) remains at 4.20 which is an indication of fast spreading coronavirus in Iran. Growth factors continue to be above 1 in the past 11 months, pointing to the unstable and fragile situation in Iran, even based on the fake data of Islamic Republic.
R0: 4.20
Total: 1,311,810 (+6,471)
Dead: 56,538 (+81)
Recovered: 1,101,599
Critical: 4,437 (-32)
Admitted: 153,673 (-821)
Tests: 8,370,587 (10.0% of the population, assuming each test was performed on 1 person)

Cover: Hossein Shahlai



Total deaths
Updated on June 9, 2023 7:57 AM
Total recovered
Updated on June 9, 2023 7:57 AM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on June 9, 2023 7:57 AM
Total active cases
Updated on June 9, 2023 7:57 AM






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