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Iran Coronavirus January 16 – Clerics Issue Prescriptions, Physicians Fatwa!

While clerics issue prescriptions like "camel urine" or "violet oil", physicians issue fatwa! Fourth peak of coronavirus is on the horizon with signs from across Iran.

Mazandaran remains in critical situation and with 10 red counties is struggling to bring down COVID-19 cases. According to the head of Mazandaran Medical University, uncontrolled travels to the province is a major factor in the uptrend and traffic police and National Task Force authorities could do more. “We have sent our requests to Tehran and awaiting their response.”

Other provinces, including Tehran, Fars, and Alborz sounded the red alarm for the next coronavirus peak in Iran. Gilan officials warn uncontrolled travels are causing increase in their cases. Khorasan Razavi is no exception. Head of Mashhad Medical University says, “Mashhad usually reaches its peak 2-3 weeks after the rest of the country. If Mazandaran is experiencing it now, we will have a surge in cases in 2-3 weeks.” In Islamic Republic where clerics become medical experts, prescribing “violet oil” or “camel urine” and Khamenei bans coronavirus vaccines, Dr. Bahreini-Tousi issues his fatwa saying, “In this situation, unnecessary traveling is haram (forbidden in Islam).” He said, even if mosques and wedding venues are providing services, citizens should be wise enough not to attend any gatherings!

Reopening schools has become a new topic for officials to create chaos! Ministry of Health announced the in-person classes across the country except red areas are optional for students. Education Ministry said first and second graders must attend in person. Technical schools announced their practical labs would be held in-person! National Task Force Spokesman, Raisi, said, nobody should be forced to attend classes!

State-controlled IRIB (national TV & radio) broadcasted only a section of Saeed Namaki and Raisi reports in National Task Force weekly meeting where they criticized people traveling to northern provinces! They cut the part where they also criticized mourning ceremonies in Fatemieh Days! While Tehran Governor bans any “Fatemieh” gathering in the capital, there are videos on social media showing the rituals happening without any social distancing and maskless people!

Sima Sadat Lari announced 96 COVID-19 deaths in the past 24 hours in Iran, 13 more than the day before. Her manipulated statistics show 6,100 tested positive for coronavirus in the same time. Deputy Health Minister Harirchi said, “We could say we’ve been successful when positivity rate reaches below 5% and negativity rate is at least 85%.” Since January 1, when officials have been bragging about their success in controlling the novel coronavirus, the positivity rate has been between 10.89% and 12.67%! Meanwhile, the testing remains in the same range. Saeed Namaki voices his concern about the “fourth peak which is going to be even worse than what we’ve been experiencing.”

Basic Reproductive Range (R0) and graphs remain the best indicators of the human catastrophe and mismanagement of Islamic Republic in the past 11 months in Iran, even though they’re based on undercounted data provided by the regime’s Ministry of Health.
R0: 4.21
Total: 1,324,395 (+6,100)
Dead: 56,717 (+96)
Recovered: 1,113,224
Critical: 4,393 (-22)
Admitted: 154,454 (-209)
Tests: 8,475,495 (10.1% of the population, assuming each test was performed on 1 person)

Cover: Mohammadreza Abbasi



Total deaths
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Total recovered
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Total confirmed cases
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Total active cases
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