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Iran Coronavirus July 11, 2021 – Religious Gatherings In The Heat & Corona Red Zones

Islamic Republic encourages religious gatherings amid fifth wave of COVID-19 with Delta variant, and blames people for going to work! "Golden time" for vaccination has passed.

Iran is experiencing the fifth wave of coronavirus with full hospitals in many cities. However, the Islamic Republic President and Health Minister rather deny the facts on the ground, hide the truth and let the propaganda to control the pandemic. Even provincial officials call the Health Minister a “liar,” reiterating there is no vacant hospital bed in Sistan-Baluchestan.

Sistan-Baluchestan’s dire situation worsens by the day and has expanded to neighboring provinces. According to Attorney General of the province, morgues are filled and so are the hospitals, contradictory to what Saeed Namaki claims. Healthcare workers demand oxygen generators and say the ones who asked for equipment were threatened by the cyber police to stay silent! Blackouts, shortage of water and no ventilation, even in hospitals, in above 115F heat have only made matters worse.

“I’m here for a week now, no air conditioning in the hospital. They just talk, there is no action.”

Kerman and Hormozgan hospitals are filled with COVID-19 patients, too. Deputy Health Minister Harirchi says Hormozgan needs additional hospitals to handle the flood of patients. Semnan reports rising hospitalizations, so does Ilam. Fars authorities warn the Delta variant is “very dangerous” and announced uptick of admissions. Dr. Lotfi said 275 were admitted in the past 24 hours in the province. Kohgiloyeh-Boyerahmad is on the same boat, so is Gilan. Official data show 25 provinces are in the fifth wave of coronavirus, 72 weeks after the epidemic was officially announced in February 2020.

Mashhad, Iran – Mourning of “Imam Javad” amid fifth wave of coronavirus with Delta variant – July 11, 2021

Despite the grim reports from across the country, including Mashhad, Islamic Republic continues to hold religious gatherings where no protocol is followed but condemn the people for opening their shops to make their ends meet. In Mashhad, Qom, Tehran and other cities, Islamic Propaganda Organization arranged for mourning of “Imam Javad”, the ninth Shia Imam!

While Turkey has begun inoculation of 16-year-olds, Islamic Republic opened “registration” for 68+ to receive their first dose. National COVID-19 Task Force Spokesman claimed 1million doses (without naming the brand) were distributed yesterday, 1million will be tomorrow. He said 470,000 COVIran Barekat are sent to provinces as well. He promised 1.5million doses will arrive on Thursday and 2.9million will be imported next week! It is worth noting, officials had promised immunization of 14million Iranians by June 22, which was then pushed back to July 22.

Ministry of Health reported total of 6,837,822 shots have been administered since February 9, while only 2,144,648 (2.55% of Iran population) have received 2 doses. Chairman of Tehran City Council rebuked the government for the uber slow immunization process, saying, “The humanitarian, psychological and economic cost of slow vaccination is several times the cost of importing vaccines.” Dr. Tabarsi, head of Infectious-diseases ward at Masih Daneshvari hospital in Tehran, expressed his disappointment in “missing the golden time for vaccination.”

IranTrue.com has reported about Cuba’s Soberana 02 testing in Iran and how PastoCoVac, claimed by the Islamic Republic regime as “Iranian Soberana 02”, is legally nonexistent. Today, Director of Pasteur Institute confirmed that the vaccine is intellectual property of Cuba and his institute has only done “formulation, filling vials and packaging.” Another evidence that Islamic Republic does not have a “domestic” vaccine and only rebrands other country’s properties.

In the meantime, while Chairman of Tehran City Council announced “about 100 deaths per day” in the capital and locals report 23 deaths every day in Zahedan, Ministry of Health reported 165 deaths in 24 hours in the entire country! Additionally, Tehran announced record breaking 6,243 hospitalized COVID-19 patients with 1,100 being admitted since yesterday. The Ministry reported total of 721 admissions in the other 30 provinces! Ministry of Health have been criticized since day one. Iran Medical Board believes the real figures are at least 3 times higher. Sima Sadat Lari claimed 17,664 tested positive for the novel coronavirus, without any mention of the variants. Critical cases continue to soar, as seen on the graphs. Daily PCR tests almost halved from a few weeks ago.
R0: 2.83
Total: 3,373,450 (+17,664)
Dead: 85,859 (+165)
Recovered: 3,025,911
Critical: 3,684 (+82)
Active Cases: 261,680 (+1,678)
Tests: 24,514,183 (29.2% of the population, assuming each test was performed on 1 person)

Cover: Sajjad Hayatpour



Total deaths
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Total recovered
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Total confirmed cases
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Total active cases
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