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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Iran Coronavirus July 16 – Burned Out Healthcare System

Basic Reproduction Rate (R0) and graphs indicate the unstoppable crisis and Islamic Republic watching it with wishes, ifs and buts. 198 more Iranians died of COVID-19.

As the country is grappling with the novel coronavirus, poverty and increased chance of uprising, 198 more Iranians died of COVID-19 since yesterday, according to fake and undercounted numbers from Ministry of Health. The Ministry’s Spokesperson, Sima Sadat Lari, also announced 2,500 new cases in the same time period. The devastating situation in 25 of 31 provinces continue and according to her, the number of admissions has soared all across the country. With no travel restrictions between provinces, it’s not surprising that every province, county and city is involved with increasing cases and deaths. As suggested by Dr. Zafarghandi, head of Medical Council, Islamic Republic is hoping to achieve “herd immunity” by infecting more than 65% of the country. But other countries have failed, including Sweden, the immunity is not for long and healthcare system is not developed enough to manage the overwhelming number of cases. Therefore, another failed and wrong decision since the beginning of the epidemic in Iran, just sacrificing more and more Iranians.

Iraj Harirchi broke down the cost of treatment for each family with a patient and how it could bankrupt them. He also mentioned the enormous pressure this disease has had on the healthcare system and its revenue streams, causing a near complete collapse across the country. Contrary to what Saeed Namaki, Health Minister, had said several times that “we’ve devised exellent plans to overcome the disease”, Deputy Health Minister, Harirchi, said, “We had predicted that 5-7% of COVID-19 patients may need oxygen therapy, but now more than 95% of admitted patients would need oxygen, which has cost us a lot.” Another lie and epic failure of Namaki and his “plans”.

While Head of Tehran’s Corona Combating Committee asks City Council to suspend the traffic rules in the capital, the City Council officials say the plans and restrictions asked by the committee are not defined properly and “we don’t know what we’re doing.” However, new restrictions for high risk businesses including gyms, pools, wedding venues, coffee shops,..will be reimposed from Saturday July 18. All gatherings including funerals, parties,… are banned across the province of Tehran as well.

All other provinces report overwhelmed hospitals and exhausted healthcare staff. People aren’t able to afford the high prices of treatment or even masks for that matter. That makes the situation even worse and it has become like a vicious cycle. Islamic Republic’s intention to infect more people by the day to relieve itself of any responsibility is immoral and inhumane, it’s not surprising, through.

Basic Reproduction Rate (R0) and graphs indicate the unstoppable crisis and Islamic Republic watching it with wishes, ifs and buts.
R0: 1.33
Total: 267,061 (+2,500)
Dead: 13,608 (+198)
Healed: 230,608
Critical: 3,471 (+60)
Admitted: 22,845 (-745)
Tests: 2,073,791 (Number of labs wasn’t mentioned in today’s news. Officials may have finally figured out there are discrepancies when they lie.)



Total deaths
Updated on March 21, 2023 9:55 AM
Total recovered
Updated on March 21, 2023 9:55 AM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on March 21, 2023 9:55 AM
Total active cases
Updated on March 21, 2023 9:55 AM






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