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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Iran Coronavirus July 24 – Secular Virus Against Religion’s Business

215 more deaths due to COVID-19 in Iran while Islamic Republic is worried about its Moharram business. Friday Prayers in "yellow" zones, and calling the coronavirus a secular virus!

The coronavirus is spreading faster than before. Sima Sadat Lari announced 2,489 new COVID-19 cases and 215 deaths in the past 24 hours. As usual, she mentioned the same 25 provinces in “alarming” and “red” situations but in reality there is nothing distinguishing the two categories, since the ones in alarming, including Tehran and Alborz are more critical than any one province in the “red” status. The names are just there to give false sense of security to people on national TV. The problem is Islamic Republic is stuck on lies and have to continue them or faces people’s wrath!

Deputy Health Minister, Iraj Harirchi, says there is 300% increase in the number of cases in Mashhad in the past month which shows how dangerously critical the coronavirus outbreak is in the second biggest city in Iran. He also claims that 20% of admissions in Mashhad hospitals are non-residents, therefore, asking people not to travel to the city where 8th Shia Imam’s “holy shrine” is, which has been closed since March and only the outer space of it has reopened in late May, after religious leaders pressured health experts. He also asked people to bargain with God to donate masks to hospitals! This same request was made by head of Isfahan Health Network, saying this would help us be ready for fall, when infections could increase 4-fold! After blaming people for everything, now asking them to help with masks, the same masks the regime donated to Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Syria!

Despite the shortage of hospital beds due to flood of patients, Alamol-Hoda, Khamenei’s representative in Mashhad and Friday Prayer Imam, said closing down the shrine or canceling Friday Prayers won’t help the spread of virus and demanded “pilgrim” of the shrine and the prayers to resume as soon as possible!

In Qom, the other city with “holy shrine” and home to “Grand Ayatollahs”, known as Shia capital of the world, the speaker before the Friday Prayers Sermon, has called coronavirus a “secular virus”, saying it’s come to make religious nations, secular! He added, some are unnecessarily causing panic about Moharram. “We would only follow instructions from devout experts about Moharram mourning ceremonies.” Moharram starts on August 20, and it’s been a few weeks since religious organizations are worried about closure of their business, demanding and threatening nothing can suspend their “mourning for 3rd Shia Imam.” They have nothing to worry about, since the Islamic Republic President is a cleric himself, and understand how important it is to “mourn Imam Hossein”, even if it means sacrificing elders and children for “him.” It wouldn’t be surprising if they call the ones dying in those ceremonies as “martyr”.

A very simple analysis, based on regime’s fake and engineered numbers show how devastating the second wave of coronavirus has been in the country! So far 15,289 people have died of the disease. Of those, 7,781 have been reported since May 27, that’s almost 51% of all deaths have happened in the past 60 days! 147,012 cases have been reported in the same time period, making up 51% of cases as well, all pointing towards restrictions being effective and less costly compared to premature and sudden reopening Islamic Republic prescribed for its people, in fear of November 2019-like uprising! The regime’s decisions have caused quarantine of the country from the outside world, even by its most fierce “allies” like Turkey, leading to less trades, shortage of basic needs in the country and spike in inflation and prices, more poverty and at the end, an inevitable uprising before March 2021 (the end of Persian year), which all sociologists, economists,… have warned the regime about!

COVID-19 keeps killing Iranians and the regime is doing its best to save face by hiding true numbers and distracting everybody with overreaction and propaganda about trivial matters.
R0: 1.36
Total: 286,523 (+2,489)
Dead: 15,289 (+215)
Healed: 249,212
Critical: 3,653 (-14)
Admitted: 22,022 (+292)
Tests: 2,278,384 (Number of labs wasn’t mentioned in today’s news. Officials may have finally figured out there are discrepancies when they lie.)



Total deaths
Updated on March 21, 2023 9:55 AM
Total recovered
Updated on March 21, 2023 9:55 AM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on March 21, 2023 9:55 AM
Total active cases
Updated on March 21, 2023 9:55 AM






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