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Iran Coronavirus July 30 – Great Mourning Ahead: Huge Death Numbers To Come!

226 more deaths due to COVID-19 in Iran. Islamic Republic insists on Moharram. Khamenei orders to hold mourning ceremonies. The regime uses coronavirus to prevent any uprising!

The chaos, lies, and neglecting human life have no end in Islamic Republic. The officials keep talking against each other while playing with people’s lives. Deputy Health Minister in Treatment Affairs says despite the high infection rate of the novel coronavirus the death rate has decreased in the country. On the other hand, Deputy Health Minister, Iraj Harirchi, says 1 in every 14 COVID-19 patients dies in Tehran. That means 7.14%, not only it is more than the national average and the world, it shows an increase from the beginning of the outbreak! Furthermore, Jan Babaei said the number of admissions is worrisome, especially in Tehran and Mashhad, while Harirchi said, of about 120,000 hospital beds in the country with a population of more than 84 million, all are occupied! Harirchi continued the average age of cases had decreased significantly and cases in 20-29 age range have increased twice compared to 4 months ago!

The theocratic regime insists on holding Moharram mourning ceremonies, every single day. Today, was Saeed Namaki’s turn! The Health Minister in a meeting with “Maddahan” (orators) said “we won’t let “Hossein-lust” people to run fever or get sick. We will provide a model so all other Shias around the world see Islamic Iran is ingenious.” Although, he admitted there is not a single force on earth to help with social distancing during “mourning” and said “that’s what has occupied our minds.” He continued in order to resolve our confusion called Khamenei and he has responded “Hold Moharram ceremonies as big as always.” Then he asked what he meant, Khamenei has responded, “It doesn’t mean to make it crowded, but means make a new plan that nobody gets hurt but also Karbala is reminded to everybody.”

This is an example of a “mourning ceremony” during coronavirus pandemic, “social distancing” is the only thing not seen! And most people in these type of ceremonies believe “Imam Hossein” is “the healer” and they’re invincible!

Contrary to the regime, all experts, including some officials, and all physicians are warning against any kind of gatherings in the country which would cause worsening of the situation! Collection of Scientific Associations of Physicians had said Moharram, national exams and ignoring to enforce protocols properly, may lead to 1600+ daily deaths in the next 3 months! COVID-19 keeps killing without any discrimination! Healthcare staff are the ones with the most sacrifices. Shortage of hospital beds, protective gears and masks are making matters worse.

Sima Sadat Lari announced the same 26 provinces in red and alarming categories. Tehran and Mashhad have become the epicenter of the disease. In the meantime, based on suspicious and manipulated stats by Ministry of Health, 2,621 new cases and 226 deaths in the past 24 hours have been confirmed. Basic Reproduction Rate (R0) increases once more, graphs indicate the catastrophe but Islamic Republic is trying to kill more people by the help of Moharram and national exams! It sure looks like the regime is using the novel coronavirus as a deterrence method against people’s uprising, something like November 2019!
R0: 1.39
Total: 301,530 (+2,621)
Dead: 16,569 (+226)
Healed: 261,200
Critical: 4,041 (+14)
Admitted: 23,761 (+311)
Tests: 2,431,894

Cover: Morteza Salehi



Total deaths
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Total recovered
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Total confirmed cases
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Total active cases
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