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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

“Either Death or Life!” – Protests, Strikes, Crackdown

Shopkeepers strike and retirees protests continueIslamic Republic...

Iran Coronavirus June 26 – Death in White, Yellow or Red!

There is only one to blame for the death going around the country without any hurdle, Islamic Republic regime and their lies! 109 more Iranians lost their lives to COVID-19.

After the news of three prisoners from November 2019 protests death sentence has been confirmed and an explosion at Parchin military base in Tehran, some might think there’s no more bad news for a nation suffering for decades under tyranny of Islamic Republic! But every day, Sima Sadat Lari put on a faint smile and says, “Today, unfortunately …. people have lost their lives.” Before her Kianoush Jahanpur would do the same. This has been going on for 129 days and still no sign of any change! However, to use her own language, today, the number of deaths didn’t increase at least and only 109 Iranians died of COVID-19. This is all based on Ministry’s made-up and engineered numbers, in reality these numbers are times and times worse.

Sadat Lari said, “Although admissions have decreased in Kurdistan and Kermanshah but they’re still in red status. Khuzestan, Hormozgan, West Azerbaijan, and Bushehr are also red. East Azerbaijan, Alborz and Khorasan Razavi report increased cases.” What happened to other provinces such as Tehran, Kerman, South Khorasan, Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari, Kohgiloyeh-Boyerahmad, Lorestan, Zanjan, Golestan, Hamedan, and Sistan-Baluchestan?! They’re are all “white” now or have passed red and can’t be mentioned for a few days until they have an improved condition?! Birjand hospital had to “open a new ICU ward” because they’re in “white” situation, presumably. Or Golestan Governor is increasing restrictions in certain cities because the number of cases has decreased? And Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari has mandated using mask in public because everything is fine!

Islamic Republic officials haven’t learned their lesson that they can’t contain a disease by lying! It’s not like killing people in protests and then deny everything by controlling media or disrupting internet for a few days! Although, those officials have achieved one goal. They have desensitized people to a deadly virus by their lies. East Azerbaijan Governor announced people’s opinion about seriousness of the coronavirus has decreased from 90% to 20%! And Qom held its Friday Prayers like many other cities even in those red provinces, because according to Rouhani, it’s OK for “yellow” cities to gather many people under a roof! There is only one to blame for the death going around the country without any hurdle, Islamic Republic regime and their lies!

2,628 new cases and 109 deaths were confirmed since yesterday. That’s 967 Iranian since last Friday, June 19, an average of 120.87 per day. This results after more than 4 MONTHS is outrageous. Basic Reproduction Rate (R0) and graphs show the catastrophe. However, the last few days pattern continues, active cases decrease when all other figures increase. It looks like Islamic Republic has found a miraculous way to treat COVID-19 patients!
R0: 1.27
Total: 217,724 (+2,628)
Dead: 10,239 (+109)
Healed: 177,852
Critical: 2,912 (+13)
Admitted: 29,633 (-776)
Tests: 1,557,872 (Number of labs wasn’t mentioned in today’s news. Officials may have finally figured out there are discrepancies when they lie.)

Cover: Abbas Monajemi Gilani



Total deaths
Updated on June 29, 2022 10:45 PM
Total recovered
Updated on June 29, 2022 10:45 PM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on June 29, 2022 10:45 PM
Total active cases
Updated on June 29, 2022 10:45 PM






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