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Iran Coronavirus March 14 – Death Record is Broken AGAIN

Since yesterday 1365 new cases are confirmed and 97 have died of the COVID-19! This is the third day in a row that death numbers are going higher and higher, keep breaking records. This is just the official numbers, and as we’ve established before, they’re nothing but undercounts and lies.
Total: 12,729
Dead: 611
Healed: 4,339

Minister of Health announced new rules about traffic restrictions. He also encouraged people to go online and self-screen on their website. He said 6.5million have been screened through that portal and the suspected cases were asked to go to health centers as soon as possible, some have been referred to hospitals.

As we have been reporting (despite what officials were saying), today the official numbers made it obvious that Mazandaran, Isfahan and Gilan are worse than what they claimed. Iran International, a resourceful London based Persian news agency, puts the number of deaths at 1964, 125 in the past 24 hours. There have been more than 20 deaths among teachers and close to 35 among healthcare workers so far.

Tehran’s Governor denied the news of Tehran’s quarantine and said everything is as usual. It seems like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing! Maj Genral Bagheri, the Chief of Staff for Armed Forces, announced yesterday that they (the Armed Forces) would make sure traffic is restricted and stores are closed! Traveling is virtually impossible since all travel agencies are closed, air travel is not allowed and most provinces have put up roadblocks.

The regime denied the existence of Coronavirus in the country until bodies started piling up and coverup was not an option anymore. They refused to quarantine Qom, the epicenter of it all, it spread everywhere. Then refused to stop flights to China. Holy sites were not closed, the gatherings were still happening,… until 2 weeks ago when thousands were infected and died of the disease that they banned all gatherings. Then started to lie about the stats, and STILL no quarantine. WHO sent a team and a lot of supplies but all of them were found in the black market with ridiculous prices. Shortage of masks and proper protective gears for healthcare workers still exist! There is nothing slowing down the disease because nobody is doing anything right! The mismanagement of the crisis cannot be displayed or explained in one post, that’s why you may want to read previous articles to have a grasp of the travesty going on in Iran these days, it is mind boggling.

The officials are not backing down from the idea of a “biological attack”, especially after the Supreme Leader joined the gang throwing around the this theory. In his letter, he mentioned there are “evidences” pointing to it, but he didn’t provide any. China joined them and said US may have brought the virus to China.

Iranians need help desperately but not in a form of lifting sanctions or money, but as supplies and proper management.

Cover photo: AP

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