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Iran Coronavirus March 17 – New Terms to Learn; Live Map

1178 new confirmed cases and 135 deaths in the past 24 hours are the numbers published by Ministry of Health official. Tehran is still at the top, Qom and Gilan are next, with Isfahan, Mazandaran and Khorasan Razavi trailing them. The increase in daily new cases and deaths seems unstoppable especially with the way the crisis is being managed in Iran, in a chaos!
Total: 16,169
Dead: 988
Healed: 5,389
Interestingly, Iran International reports 125 deaths in the past 24 hours. If you’ve been following our daily updates on Iran Coronavirus, you noticed this agency has always reported higher number of deaths than the IR officials. Total number of deaths due to COVID-19 has reached 2,384 according to this source.

You can hover on provinces to see full stat:

Dr. Rick Brennan, Director of Emergency Operations in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) new Emergencies Program says, “The cases reported from Iran could be just a fifth of the real number of infected due to lack of testing”, according to Reuters. This is what we’ve been saying for weeks that the numbers are not real, but not just because of lack of testing but because IR regime is not managing it! It is turning it into an opportunity!

The National Committee for Combating Corona ordered holy shrines in Qom and Mashhad to close for a few days in order to break the cycle of spreading and under pressure from the public and WHO. But, trolls of the regime attacked these shrines forcing their way in. The videos started circulating the social media and went viral.

Immediately after, regime’s media invented a new term, “English Shia” referring to the attackers as “agents of England” in Iran trying to defame “Alavi Shia”! The regime created another new term a few days ago as well, “Qom Intimidation Project” started by “enemy”. Qom officials claim the source of the first case is not known and mentioning Qom as the ground zero is because the enemy wants to tarnish Qom’s name. Lieutenant Governor goes one step further and threatens anybody who insults Qom on social media, or in public would be prosecuted. They call this enemy’s “Qom intimidation project”. A clergy school official in Qom said, “The first case was diagnosed in Qom and this means the country owes Qom. Patient zero is unknown.”

We all know in a totalitarian system like Islamic Republic, nothing happens without permission from the top officials or intelligence services. “English Shia” or “Alavi Shia” are like “Reformists” and “Hardliners”, they all are made from the same cloth! All of these are regime’s way of distracting people from all is happening in Iran, blaming people for the problems,…Islamic Republic can never be trusted.

This video from Mashhad is one of many more videos coming out.

On the other hand, there is no mention of this video where Amir Hossein Rostami, an actor, went on live TV, asked a few questions and was nowhere in the studio after commercials interrupted him talking. Let’s take a look:

One of Judiciary deputies announced there could be up to 1 year in prison if a suspected/confirmed case of COVID-19 doesn’t report his/her illness or doesn’t follow self-quarantine instructions. The gatherings are also prohibited and if not followed, the organizers could have the same fate.

Shortage of medical supplies and deaths of healthcare workers have no end, despite millions of dollars and tonnes of help from countries, WHO and UNICEF. Self-quarantining seems to be our only chance of survival in this chaotic situation IR regime has made for us.

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