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Iran Coronavirus March 19 – A 3 Year Old Infected

Semirom health official announces the COVID-19 infection in a 3 year old girl.

1046 new confirmed cases across the country and 149 dead are the official numbers announced by Ministry of Health for the past 24 hours. Deaths keep increasing every day, however, the government’s wrong approach about the Coronavirus since the beginning has caused many people not to take it seriously and still not following the self-quarantine instructions. IRIB was one of the main culprits in this mess.
Total: 18,407
Dead: 1,284
Healed: 5,979

While the country is struggling to keep up with the devastating situation in Iran, the officials are focusing mostly on lifting the US sanctions against Iran instead of putting their energy on saving Iranians by implementing quarantine. Nothing could help Iranians but breaking the spreading cycle!

Tomorrow, 7:19 AM local time, Persian New Year (Nowruz) begins. Traditionally, families gather to celebrate fresh starts! It’s the time for happiness and joy but unfortunately, this past year has been one of the worst (possibly the worst) year in Iran’s recent history, ranging from November 2019 protests, thousands detained, tortured and died, poverty rampaged throughout the country, and now Coronavirus crisis. Families are advised not to have family gatherings and stay at home.

According to a poll conducted over the phone from 1005 Tehran residents, 20.3% said they are in full quarantine. 62.7% claim they have reduced their outings significantly, 12% to some extent and 5% not so much.

Semirom health official announces the COVID-19 infection in a 3 year old girl. He said, unfortunately some families are not taking this seriously and still go out shopping with their kids. Semirom is a town 100 miles south of Isfahan.

N95 masks, gloves, PPE gears, disinfectant solutions,… are scarce despite all aid packages sent to Iran by different international organizations and many countries. The supplies end up in black markets and hospitals don’t receive much of it. The government is trying to have the sanctions lifted by driving this crisis deeper and deeper to score sympathy points!

And a joke to finish this article:

Iran health official announces: Iran is ready to help US in managing Coronavirus outbreak in the US!

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