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Iran Coronavirus March 22 – Khamenei Refuses Help from US

the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, went in front of TV cameras, spread around some infectious lies, hatred, conspiracy theories, and refused any help from US.

Today was the 3rd day of the Persian New Year, when the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, went in front of TV cameras, spread around some infectious lies, hatred, conspiracy theories, and refused any help from US. He once again accused US of biological attack, calling it an “allegation” but said based on that he refuses to accept any help from US, which translates into more Iranian deaths! This is just another proof for how little the Islamic Republic cares about Iranian people and just use the Coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to play the victim, pressuring US to lift the sanctions.

An hour later, Ministry of Health officials announced the numbers for the day. According to them 1028 new cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed and 129 have died of the virus. The spokesman said, “68% of deaths has been in seniors. Traveling is a big factor in the spreading of this disease, so I request everybody not to travel.”
Total: 21,638
Dead: 1,685

Minister of Health in first Rouhani administration posted a message on his Instagram page, saying he warned Rouhani and some officials in Ministry of Health about the COVID-19 in late December and early Jan but nobody listened. He added, the virus may not leave us if this is the way the officials want to control it. One of the ways they’re trying to manage the crisis is by blaming the people, saying they don’t pay attention to the self-quarantine instructions and are traveling. The government owned media have circulated bunch of photos with traffic on major highways. In fact, the photos are either from past years or are from made-up traffic. This is how major highways look like these days:

Tehran-Saveh-Hamedan route. While in general this is a major highway with traffic, he says there is nobody on the road in the past few days he’s been on this road back and forth.

All stores in Tehran province are ordered to close except essential businesses such as gas stations, pharmacies and grocery stores.

President Rouhani has been caught in another lie in the series of covering up the IR regime’s mismanagement of the crisis. In yesterday’s cabinet meeting, he claimed somebody has taken this photo and sent it to him personally to see how bad the situation is in “a major EU country”. He said “Two armed forces are protecting the isles of toilet papers at a store.” You be the judge and compare the two picture:

Following other idiotic comments from mullahs which have filled the social media, Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli said, “The unfortunate event and uninvited guest, the coronavirus, which has involved the world is coordinated with the favorable divine. Sometimes God wakes up some ignorant people this way to make them alert. There is no evil in the creation system, if there is any harm to the society, it is very little and its goodness is much more.” Apparently he doesn’t care thousands of people dying, he calls it a good thing!

Iran Medical Council has asked Judiciary department to find this mullah and prosecute him:

As long as Islamic Republic regime is governing Iran, neither the virus nor the misery will not leave us alone!

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