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Iran Coronavirus March 24 – Rouhani Lies AGAIN! Live Map & Graphs

President Rouhani can't stop lying about the situation. As it's obvious from the "official" numbers on the graphs,... there is no decline in the stat but he insists fewer patients are going to hospitals and deaths have decreased!

1762 new cases for a day marks the highest amount of confirmed positive COVID-19 test results since the official announcement of the first cases. 122 more patients have died in the past 24 hours, according to Ministry of Health official, saying the deaths would surpass 2,000 cases in the next few hours.
Total: 24,811
Dead: 1,934
Healed: 8,931
Even the officials have admitted the numbers announced do not represent the real number of infected but are just from the ones being tested. Considering how few people get tested due to officials using them for their family members and charging ordinary citizens a fortune, the number of infected and deaths in Iran is way more than what we are led to believe.

Iran International puts the number of deaths at 4,358 which is 645 casualties in 2 days (since March 22). You can find the details for each province and related graphs on our Live Update Map page below.

President Rouhani can’t stop lying about the situation. As it’s obvious from the “official” numbers on the graphs,… there is no decline in the stat but he insists fewer patients are going to hospitals and deaths have decreased! Even his Ministry of Health has confirmed yesterday that the numbers may jump, but apparently he hasn’t been appraised of the situation yet!! He also said there is no problem in terms of shortage of healthcare staff while military officials have summoned all graduates of medical and medical sciences schools to attend their military services! Islamic Republic regime has also refused help from Doctors Without Borders while physicians and healthcare staff are complaining of strenuous and stressful situation at the hospitals.

He also said, all non-essential businesses should stay closed until April 3. That includes universities and schools (which are usually closed until April 2 due to Persian New Year anyway!). He said the people who left Tehran and other big cities traveling for vacation when they were supposed to stay at home during the holidays, will be identified by tracking their phones and car plates. They would have to answer for their carelessness. In another note, he said in cooperation with the government, Judiciary could renew the furlough of prisoners until the end of Farvardin, which corresponds with April 17.

Islamic Republic refuses help from US while applying for a $5billion loan from International Monetary Fund with the support of EU countries but opposition from Trump administration. EU has also agreed to send $21.5 million to Iran as humanitarian aid. The regime is still pressuring the US to lift sanctions but is faced with resistance from Trump administration.

All the money and aid this regime receives to combat Coronavirus will not be used on ordinary people but mostly will end up in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, expanding terrorist activities of Islamic Republic.

Cover Photo: Marjan Yazdi; NPR.

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