Friday, April 16, 2021

Iran Coronavirus March 26 – Ayatollahs Call for Gatherings to Heal!

Ayatollahs invite people to hold gatherings for "Imam Zaman," while COVID-19 cases continue to rise. Islamic Republic officials blaming coronavirus vaccination disaster in Iran on other countries.

Tehran Corona Combating Committee warned the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the capital will continue for at least another few days. According to Dr. Zali, 6 cities in Tehran are orange, while Ministry of Health has at least designated Firouzkouh as red. Head of the Committee said all suspected COVID-19 cases are assumed UK variant until proven otherwise. Khuzestan officials announced another outbreak of coronavirus in the province! Khuzestan has 9 red cities in the list of 17 “very high risk” areas in Iran. Abadan Medical College reported “all hospitals are full.” Salmanzadeh said a “crisis management group” has been formed in southwest of Khuzestan to help managing the overwhelming number of patients.

Markazi authorities are worried about “changing color to color” of their cities. They warned about a slight uptrend in their cases and hospitalizations. Dr. Jalalian of Arak Medical University confirmed 15 traveler from Khuzestan tested positive for coronavirus after being tested with rapid tests! He said this is the beginning of a new cluster of patients in the province! Hormozgan continues to report staggering number of new UK variant cases. According to officials, 82 new cases bring the total in the province to 481. Bandar Abbas Medical University Spokesperson said 90% of coronavirus cases in Hormozgan are of the British version and all cities in the province has been infected. Bushehr also sounded the alarm for possible upgrade to “red” status in the next few days.

While Islamic Republic officials have been blaming out-of-control crisis on people and their family gatherings during Yalda, Persian New Year and other traditional Persian ceremonies, religious gatherings have been held at full capacity! For Monday, “Imam Zaman’s birthday,” Khamenei’s representatives across the country invited people to celebrate the occasion enthusiastically and in large crowds. In Mashhad, with increasing cases, Alamolhoda announced a public gathering at city’s square, encouraging “everybody should come.” Grand Ayatollah Vahidi Khorasani demanded people to have it “bigger than last year.”

Saeed Namaki has always been bragging about “great services provided” to COVID-19 patients in Iran hospitals. This is a sample of Iran hospitals in coronavirus infested country. March 25, 2021, Madani Hospital, Karaj. The recorder say: “Just because we said why hospital is so filthy, they have left my father without care, he’s had open heart surgery recently and nobody is taking care of him, then they ask why people get COVID-19.”

Ministry of Health officials continue to deny reports of using Cuban vaccine on municipal workers such as street cleaners. Raisi insisted they are receiving Sinopharm and Sputnik V shots, “according to national vaccination plan.” Previously, FDA Spokesperson had mentioned Indian Covaxin as one of those shots. However, Raisi didn’t explain how they are being inoculated while people over 60 and many healthcare workers are still waiting for their turn!

On the other hand, head of Islamic Consultative Assembly’s Health Commission asserted an Indian judge has banned exporting any vaccine to Iran due to high demand in India. According to Shahriari, the judge stopped shipment of 375,000 doses. Earlier this month, 125,000 doses of Bharat vaccines arrived in Iran. India denies any ban on its export of vaccines. However, Indian officials have hinted there might be some delay in meeting their obligations. Islamic Republic officials are already trying to blame others for their massive failures even in the vaccination process. Meanwhile, regime’s ambassador to Russia claims they are in talks with Russia to reach a deal for 10,000,000 doses of Sputnik V, while spouting off they have been in talks to collaborate and manufacture the Russian vaccine in Iran since September 2020! FDA Spokesman has already admitted that process is postponed.

Sima Sadat Lari presented her daily figures. They have been proven to be undercounted and manipulated throughout the past 13 months, even Iran Medical Council officials have admitted the real numbers are at least 3 times more than what she announces every day! Ministry of Health Spokesperson claimed 81 died of COVID-19 in Iran in the past 24hours while 7,980 tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Daily PCR tests reached 67,000 for the first time since the epidemic began in February 2020. Critical and active cases continue to rise as seen on graphs.
R0: 3.75
Total: 1,838,803 (+7,980)
Dead: 62,223 (+81)
Recovered: 1,577,408
Critical: 3,908 (+19)
Admitted: 199,172 (+188)
Tests: 12,481,917 (15.0% of the population, assuming each test was performed on 1 person)

Cover: Mehdi Pedramkhoo



Total deaths
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Total recovered
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Total confirmed cases
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Total active cases
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