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Iran Coronavirus March 27 – Intentional Disaster

If you put all puzzle pieces together, you'd reach the same conclusion: Intentional Disaster to beg for sympathy getting some relief on sanctions to use the unblocked money for anything but COVID-19 containment!

Ministry of Health announces 2926 new confirmed cases and 144 deaths within the last 24 hours. The new cases stat in a day has broken records in the past 2 days. He said, “We are not in the controlling or containing stage of the virus, but we’re trying to manage it.” This is in direct contradiction to what President Rouhani and other officials claimed 2 days ago, saying “everything will be back to normal soon.”
The Spokesman claimed, “The increase in infected cases is because more and more people are being screened on salamat.gov.ir”. He added,”In the beginning we might have confused flu with COVID-19, but now, anybody with symptoms is considered Corona+ unless proven otherwise. That’s why the stats are becoming more realistic.” He continued, “3500 out of 180,000 screened people would need hospital admission.”
Total: 32,332
Dead: 2,378
Healed: 11,133
Iran International reports 159 deaths since yesterday, bringing the death toll to 4,721.

You can find graphs and map on this page.

Jahanpur admitted, “We’re producing 8,000 test kits a day but they’re not useful for us at this stage. CT scans do the same job, we will be using kits in the controlling stage.” Another direct contradiction to all media posts and reports boasting about having this capability! Also, they were all saying they needed sanctions removed because they didn’t have enough test kits!!

Islamic Republic and their propaganda machine, especially NIAC in the US, have been pressuring US to reduce the sanctions using COVID-19 as an excuse. It sure looks like this was their plan from the beginning. More deaths, bigger disaster, more sympathy, bigger chance of sanctions’ relief! However, US has learned not to trust a single word this regime says. The regime’s campaign backfired leading to increased sanctions.

In the meantime, while people are dying and Islamic Republic is screaming they don’t have money because of sanctions, Defense Minister says: “Last year (ended March 20) was a great year for our defense systems, and increased our weapons and equipment stockpile.” He bragged about developing Bavar-373 anti-missile defense system and Khordad-15 air defense system. These two systems alone have cost billions of dollars!

Additionally, AEOI (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran) has arrogantly announced production of new centrifuges for their “peaceful” nuclear program, billions of dollars spent there! But it looks like the regime wants to have more money for its ballistic and nuclear program rather than saving its own people’s lives.

Islamic Republic’s media responded to why Iran denied Doctors Without Borders’ activities in Iran. It’s mind blowing and expected at the same time. They miraculously linked this organization to ISIS and Al-Qaeda, blamed French government’s mistakes on them and belittled what they do around the world. They also said, they have plenty of beds available! However, reports of hospitals at full capacity to the point of people being turned around can be found everywhere!

The situation is so dire that even Noble Laureates sent a scathing letter to UN asking for the organization to intervene and taking control of the situation, taking it away from IRGC. However, some news agencies in Iran spun the truth saying the letter was in support of Iran asking for ease on sanctions.

If you put all puzzle pieces together, including: Mahan Air flights to/from China when it was epidemic there, hiding the truth about the breakout in Iran, continuing all gatherings such as Friday prayers, 41st anniversay demonstration, “election”,…lying about the stat, …. you’d reach the same conclusion: Intentional Disaster to beg for sympathy getting some relief on sanctions to use the unblocked money for anything but COVID-19 containment!

The reality is Iranian people need help but IRGC and Khamenei have created a system that it’s impossible to send people direct help!

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