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Iran Coronavirus March 31 – Fact Checking an Official

This was just a short video conference from a single senior official involved in management of COVID-19. Fact checking Islamic Republic's officials is one of the hardest jobs in the world!!

Ministry of Health Spokesman announced 3,111 new confirmed cases and 141 deaths in the past 24 hours. He said all parks and picnic areas will be closed for the “nature day” (April 1). According to him, 65.5 million Iranians have used the online self-screening website, 2.5 million since yesterday (just like every other day!).
Total: 44,606
Dead: 2,898
Healed: 14,656
Critical: 3,703
In addition to Coronavirus, fake rumors and alcohols have taken the lives of 320 and poisoned more than 3,000 people throughout the country. Jahanpur also said, the holidays are extended until April 8.

For more graphs and map info, follow this link.

Jahanpur continued by saying that people returning from their vacation is worrisome and may worsen the spread of the virus. That’s why the restrictions on traveling are tighten.

In a separate video conference, the deputy Health Minister in Treatment Affairs, had many contradictory statements, whether he wasn’t on the same page with other officials or he’s gone rouge.

1- He said: “We have passed the peak, and there’s a slim chance of facing a crisis in the coming days, depending on how people react to the news.”
Jahanpur, the Ministry’s Spokesman, 5 days ago: “The peak could be in mid-April, May or June.”
Nobakht, President’s economy advisor, last night: “We hope we pass the peak by mid-May, and hopefully our economy sector could go back to normal by June.”

2- He said: “According to numbers, US and EU countries haven’t reached the peak yet, but we have controlled the disease very well by following proper protocols.”
Jahanpur, 4 days ago: “We are in managing stage of COVID-19, and haven’t reached the controlling/containing stage yet.”
According to graphs and numbers, growth factor for deaths has been consistently above 1, meaning a constant growth, and no slowdown.

3- In response to a question that, saying the possibility of a crisis is low in the coming days would cause people not to follow “social distancing” and other rules seriously, he said: “We can’t lie to people. Just like we’ve told the truth as soon as we found out about the 2 positive cases on Feb 20.” He continued, “The numbers may show an increase in infected cases but we it’s because of increased testing and “Case Finding”.
He immediately contradicts himself: “Thinking everything is over is not correct.”
Jahanpur admitted, 3 days ago: “The first cases appear to have come to the country in early January.” Additionally he confirmed previous suspicions that 700 Chinese clergy students were the source of the virus in the country.

4- Haj Babaei said: “Average expenses for every patient admitted at ICU is 4.5million Toman (more than average monthly household income), and if 2million Toman if admitted at the ward.”
Namaki, Health Minister, said on Feb 22: “COVID-19 patients will not be charged for tests and treatment.”
Zali, head of Corona Task Force in Tehran, on Feb 29: “There is no charge for Coronavirus patients.”

This was just a short video conference from a single senior official involved in management of COVID-19. Imagine if we dig into every single one of the conferences every day, the chaos and mismanagement would be on full display. Fact checking Islamic Republic’s officials is one of the hardest jobs in the world!!

More on Iran Coronavirus news, prison riots continue. A prison in Ahvaz joined others in Shiraz, Khorramabad, Saqqez, Tabriz, Aligudarz,… Chief of Police in Ahvaz confirmed the news and said nobody has managed to escape and everything is under control!

Islamic Republic had lost control of the crisis long time ago and it’s getting worse by day.

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