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Iran Coronavirus March 6 – Highest Numbers Yet

There is no doubt that “official” ministry of health numbers are not accurate and they announce this stat to downplay the mismanagement and cover up earlier lies of the regime about hiding Coronavirus from people and the world. Still, today had the biggest jump in infected cases in one day with 1234 and 17 additional deaths since yesterday afternoon. Jahanpur, who was disappointed about people traveling to north of the country (where it has become secondary focal point of COVID-19), once again begged them to stay inside their homes.
At first, the Spokesman didn’t announce the breakdown for each province and then published them in Ministry’s Telegram channel, believe it or not! They also mentioned the number of deaths in the past 24hrs on Telegram and not even their website!!
Total: 4747
Dead: 124
Iran International, a popular London based news agency with credible sources inside Iran, reports the number of deaths as 638.

Total: 4747

There have been discrepancies between the breakdown of deaths by provinces between University of Medical Sciences in provinces and the Ministry of Health. Ministry of health refuses to mention the number for Tehran, Qom and Gilan, the focal points of the disease.

Health Minister Representative in Gilan said, ” We shouldn’t take this as a joke. The situation in hospitals is horrifying. Some families have lost several members.”

Tehran parliament representative said, “Not quarantining Qom was a huge mistake, leading to catastrophic result. Quarantining Tehran is inevitable.”

It’s reported that Saturday, all government and financial institutions would go back to normal hours in Qom and Tehran, while it was announced a few days ago that they would be open 4hrs a day. On one hand, they say people should stay at home, on the other, ask people to go to work! How does that work, exactly?!

There are reports of internet being interrupted in parts of the country. WHO expert team being in the country, they are taken to staged hospitals showing off how good and up to date the healthcare system in Iran is. But in reality, WHO must be going to random hospitals unannounced, or just take a stroll along streets of Tehran, Gilan, Qom, Isfahan,… where people are falling like leaves. Iranians have warned the international authorities to take control and supervise distribution of humanitarian aids sent to Iran. Because they knew all supplies and money would end up being more cash in IRGC and the regime’s pocket.

There are some close allies to the Supreme Leader dying of the disease. One of Judiciary branch deputies also passed away from Coronavirus.

These are just drops from an ocean of mismanagement, corruption and lies of Islamic Republic regime:

The head of pharmacists association said, alcohol and disinfectant solutions are sold in the black market for 5 times the normal price! Instead of helping people, the regime is sacrificing them for its own financial and political gains.

If the world wants this crisis to be curtailed, WHO and other international organizations need to take control of the crisis management. This regime doesn’t care about human lives!

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