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Iran Coronavirus March 8 – Most Deaths Yet

Highest number of deaths in a day is reported today. Ministry of Health official announces 49 deaths since yesterday due to Coronavirus. 743 new cases of infection have been recorded as well. Jahanpur, the Spokesman for the ministry, said: “We’re seeing a sharp increase in deaths and slower infection rate, thanks to people following instructions to slow down the spread of the virus. All gatherings are banned still, including religious ones.”
Total: 6566
Dead: 194
Healed: 2134

The numbers are not even close to what we hear and see from witnesses. We have been saying this for weeks, finally an official, under the condition of anonymity spoke with IranWire. A member of National Corona(virus) Committee says:”In a proposal to the government in order to combat the virus, we predicted if we don’t quarantine the focal points of the disease, we could have about 700,000 dead by mid May. And if we do quarantine in the current situation, we may lose close to 200,000 people.”

He confirmed that numbers announced are all lower than real stat, and said, “Although we are against downplaying the numbers, but they don’t want to cause panic in public. We believe that false reports are causing for some people not to understand the scale of devastating situation, and won’t follow the self-quarantine instructions. For example, if people in Qazvin knew that 600 were infected and 16 dead until Friday March 6, they may have taken it more seriously to stay at home.”

He also said, 600 have died of COVID-19 in Tehran alone, until the end of March 6. He said, “We asked higher officials to implement martial law in focal points but it was refused.” He said, leaders are playing with people’s lives and he hopes that international organizations would announce red situation in Iran and help Iranians. He also confirmed our previous reports, stating test kits and medical supplies are mostly used for officials and their families while there is shortage for everybody else.

Iran International reports 259 deaths during the past 24hrs, bringing to the total to 929! Most of which happening in Tehran, Qom, and Khorasan Razavi with 216, 239 and 190, respectively.

The false numbers are so obvious! When hospitals are at full capacity and no admission have been made, for example in Rasht, Gilan, how did they do the tests to confirm new cases and report them? What about the people who couldn’t be admitted? There are also reports of people being charged north of 1,000,000Toman to get tested! A kit that was provided to the government for free by WHO, is now a source of income for the bankrupted IR regime. How about the people who can’t afford that steep price?

Just one example:

How about this video, showing the level of lies and dishonesty in this regime:

Let’s not forget, many people are burying their loved ones lost to COVID-19 in their backyards. It’s become such a problem that the Governor and Medical Examiner Office had to step in and think of a solution, although nothing has come out of those “meetings” as of yet!

To prevent a massacre by the corrupt and lying IR regime, Iranians need urgent help from international community including UN and WHO. Not just by inspecting a few staged sites, but actually taking control of the situation and managing the crisis by themselves, removing IR regime from the equation altogether.

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