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Iran Coronavirus March 9 – 2000 Dead?

Deaths keep going up and nothing is stopping the spread of the novel Coronavirus in Iran. 595 new cases were diagnosed, if the suspected patients actually get admitted and tested since hospitals are at full capacity and they would be charged over 1,000,000Toman for it. Deaths number remains high, 43 people lost their lives to COVID-19. Despite the fact that official numbers are not even close to reality, they’re still frightening.
Total: 7161
Dead: 237

As revealed yesterday, an official told IranWire that the daily announcement is just a show and real numbers are more than you can imagine. Today, owner of Entekhab.ir (a news agency in Iran), said the number of deaths suspected of COVID-19 is close to 2000 (ten times official stat)! More than 130 died of the disease yesterday in Tehran and Gilan alone!

Iran International puts the number of deaths at 1097. 168 in the past 24hrs. Tehran, Qom, Gilan, and Khorasan Razavi have the most deaths with: 216, 250, 182, and 193 respectively.

Northern parts of Iran (Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan) together with Tehran, Qom, Isfahan, and Mashhad, are the focal points of the disease. Interestingly enough, northern provinces, Isfahan and Mashhad are popular Persian New Year holidays (starting March 20) destinations. Government has refused to officially quarantine any city so far, causing the spread to get worse and the hospitals in those areas overwhelmed. “Self-quarantine” would have worked if the regime and its propaganda machine were honest with people, telling them exactly how devastating the situation is, so people would stay home. But with them downplaying it saying it’s like flu or some officials calling it a weapon used by US against Iran, people feel like it’s business as usual.

Rasht Representative in Parliament, Jafarzadeh said, “50% of healthcare workers in Gilan are infected. There are 30-40 deaths EVERY day. The cemeteries are full and people are buried on top of each other. Hospitals are full of patients.” A field hospital with 80 beds was built in Razi hospital in Rasht, Gilan to accept more patients. On one hand, they say everything is fine, on the other hand, they have to build a hospital!

Mazandaran Representatives have sent a letter to Interior Minister and the President asking their province to be quarantined ASAP. They wrote Mazandaran is in a dire situation and need to be isolated, hospitals are at full capacity. But still, nothing has been done, so some towns started to stop travelers at the entrance of the cities. For instance:

WHO representative who traveled to Iran last week to inspect the situation has said everything looks fine and he’s impressed by this and that! But he was taken to certain hospitals which were staged for the inspection. There are reports from ALL over the country that healthcare workers don’t even have proper masks and protecting gears. An example:

The situation is getting worse and worse by day, people are dying left and right and the regime can’t or doesn’t want to do anything right about it!

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