Khuzestan’s situation is getting worse by minute. After putting 10 cities on lockdown, Abadan and Mahshahr are on total quarantine! The provincial officials also confirmed the arrival of the novel Coronavirus at the prisons, where it had caused riots in the past but was denied by the Judiciary. They didn’t, however, report the numbers of infected.

Khoramshahr reports shortage of beds and medical supplies for patients, while Rouhani and other officials have been saying most beds designated for Corona patients are available across the country! Sistan & Baluchestan officials have also warned about the lack of supplies making their available beds useless! All of this when the officials claim the country has become self-sufficient in medical supplies and are ready to “export” them to other countries. They have so far as issuing “permits to export ventilators”!

In the meantime, while Raisi, deputy Health Minister in “Health” Affairs, said Tehran may return to lockdown if it reaches peak again, Ali Maher went back on what he said yesterday about Tehran’s uptrend in cases.

Raisi continued his video press conference by confirming Khuzestan’s red situation and as usual blamed people for not following the social distancing rules! On the other hand, as it was predicted yesterday, mosques are open from tomorrow across the country, after Khamenei had a meeting and implicitly ordered the National Corona Combating Committee to reopen the mosques for Laylatul Qadr! Although there are some rules to be followed like gatherings in open spaces, everybody attends with gloves and mask on, 3 feet minimum distance from each other, and so on but who is there to control the population?! 6 feet is the minimum effective distance, where does that 3 feet come from?!

After Khuzestan, its southern neighbor, Bushehr is sounding the alarm as well. Saeed Keshmiri, head of Bushehr’s Medical University, has said, “We are in a fragile situation, with the increasing numbers in Khuzestan and travels between the two provinces, we need to take travel restrictions more seriously and people should avoid gatherings.”

Even after more than 80 days since the first COVID-19 case was announced in Iran, there is no sign of the disease slowing down in the country with graphs and the stats proving the ongoing crisis.
R0: 1.18
Total: 109,286 (+1,683)
Dead: 6,685 (+45)
Healed: 87422
Critical: 2,703 (+22)
Admitted: 15,179 (+359)
Tests: 601,324 at 130 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193 (Last updated on April 25)


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