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Iran Coronavirus May 12 – Reading Between The Lies

Jahanpur and the Health Minister, insist on the situation being under control while the "white zones" are turning back to "red" all over the country!

The government has allowed mosques across the country to reopen 2 days after Khamenei’s pressure and against their previous decision, the schools are open from Saturday, May 16,”only for students to ask questions if they have any problem”, and the situation is back to red in Tehran, Lorestan, Khuzestan, Bushehr and Kermanshah! Several cities in these provinces are back on lockdown. Qom reports 40% increase in suspected cases on May 11 and Isfahan announces shocking numbers.

Dr Changiz, head of Isfahan’s Medical University said, “There have been 13,000 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed based on test results and symptoms, 1,000 of which have died. 440 of the dead had positive test results.” If we assume the same happened in Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz, Karaj, Qom,… and other big cities in the country, the staggering number would be mind blowing, and nothing close to what the officials announce on their daily show!

Despite all that, the government is talking about how “Eid Fitr” prayers should be held! Tehran’s Governor said, “We predict 200billion Toman ($4.75million) could be collected as Zakat (Islamic tax) in Tehran, which during this crisis is crucial.”

Today State Welfare Organization of some provinces have confirmed our report refuting Khamenei’s claim about “strong base of families in Iran contrary to the west during the lockdown period”. They announced continuous increase in the number of calls to their centers showing domestic violation and abuses have risen as much as 10 times before “Corona time”! Alborz province reported 10 times more calls majority of which related to child abuse. However, IRGC affiliated media and some officials like the “Supreme Leader” have tried to cover up this fact!

Almost a month ago, the Ministry of Health Spokesman, Jahanpur, had said “ELISA tests are quick and much cheaper and will help us greatly during “smart social distancing”, we’re self-sufficient in production of these test kits now.” Today, head of Pasteur Institute of Iran, said, “PCR is the only and best diagnostic test that should be used. Serological test kits (ELISA) are not diagnostically valid.” He continued, “There are 120 labs across the country performing COVID-19 diagnostic tests.” However, Jahanpur says there are more than 130, and he repeats this number every day!

In the meantime, there are reports of domestically produced test kits to be of low quality! Patients from different parts of the country report false negative results despite having all symptoms. One said, “I went to the hospital, test was taken but was negative. They sent me home. After 2-3 weeks they called and asked me lots of questions, saying “sorry, it looks like you were infected with the novel coronavirus.” They don’t care about people’s lives.”

These are the same kits that WHO had reported to be subpar! The same ones that Zarif claimed to have exported to Germany, Turkey and other countries but today, both Turkey and Germany have denied this claim saying they hadn’t received any package from Iran!

Jahanpur and his boss, Saeed Namaki, the Health Minister, insist on the situation being under control while the “white zones” are turning back to “red” in 4 corners of the country! Experts are warning that with mosques reopening and Laylatul Qadr ceremonies happening across the country, we should be prepared for a surge in deaths and infected numbers in the next 2-3 weeks. The jump in numbers of “admissions” in the past 24 hours is worth mentioning!
R0: 1.18
Total: 110,767 (+1,481)
Dead: 6,733 (+48)
Healed: 88,357
Critical: 2,713 (+10)
Admitted: 15,677 (+498)
Tests: 615,477 at 130 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193 (Last updated on April 25)

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