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Iran Coronavirus May 13 – Regime in Harmony with COVID-19

Numbers are going up and more provinces join the "red" zone. With the basic reproduction rate bouncing back up to 1.2, we can only expect even worse situation on the way.

Even based on the manipulated and fake data provided by the Ministry of health, the graphs show the ongoing crisis. Jahanpur, the Spokesman, even admitted the problem in Khuzestan and Tehran while excusing the increased cases on more active case finding which is nothing but a lie! Case finding hasn’t changed, since the number of tests per day hasn’t changed that much. The reports of low quality test is another point to remember.

1,958 new confirmed cases in the past 24 hours is the highest number since April 10! April 11 is when the restrictions were lifted across the country (except Tehran, April 18). According to Jahanpurr 490 of those cases have been admitted to hospitals, one fourth of which were from Khuzestan!

As reported before, officials are blaming everything on people not abiding to the social distancing rules. But how is it possible when the country is back to normal?! In reality, the whole country was on “restrictions” for a 3-week period, 16 days of which were during Persian New Year holidays! Even then, the government did nothing to stop travels between cities/provinces, therefore, the spread of COVID-19 to all parts of the country.

In cabinet meeting, Rouhani took a jab at the White House and Pompeo saying, “In the past 2 years, we’ve seen the worst government ever. Their Secretary of State doesn’t know politics’ alphabet. They haven’t lifted sanctions when we’re struggling with Corona.” According to him and his administration and other officials, the COVID-19 pandemic is under control, so what is the problem?

He also thanked people for following social distancing in Laylatul Qadr going to mosques! But at the same time saying people are to blame for the spread of the virus by not following the rules! Which is it, Mr Rouhani?!

He continued by implicitly criticizing Saudi Arabia, saying, “The despotic regime south of us is unique. The father and son are unique in history. But thankfully all other neighbors are good and we stand by them!” This is too rich coming from a regime which massacres its own citizen, including 23 children, shoots down a passenger airliner killing all 176 onboard, detains anybody who says a word against it, and recently “mistakenly” killed 19 sailors on a “friendly fire“.

Numbers going up and more provinces join the “red” zone. With the basic reproduction rate bouncing back up to 1.2, we can only expect even worse situation on the way. The jump in numbers depict a better picture of the incompetent regime.
R0: 1.20
Total: 112,725 (+1,958)
Dead: 6,783 (+50)
Healed: 89,428
Critical: 2,735 (+22)
Admitted: 16,514 (+837)
Tests: 629,534 (Number of labs wasn’t mentioned in today’s news. Officials may have finally figured out there are discrepancies when they lie.)
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193 (Last updated on April 25)

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