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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Iran Coronavirus May 2 – Official Numbers as Fata Morgana of a Healed World

More proofs of manipulations and falsifying of Iran Coronavirus official numbers.

802 new cases and 65 deaths since yesterday are the numbers announced by the Ministry of Health. While they say the death rate is less than 7.4% in Iran compared to 18.1% in the world, and the cases are dropping every day, the stats analysis and graphs show a different story. On the other hand, Harirchi, the Deputy Health Minister, in a video press conference said, “There are 72 red counties in the country.” He emphasized, “We see a general decrease in cases across the country, however, this is very fragile and could reverse if we take a wrong step. We may see uptrend in some provinces, though.” According to Jahanpur a few days ago, the 116 counties categorized as “white” do not include many people while the “red” ones are all capital cities and most populous in the country. Which means another way of playing with numbers by the regime.

He said, “The situation in every county would be reevaluated every 4-5 days.” However, nobody knows the names of cities/counties in white, yellow or red classifications. He said, “In Iran, if a person with positive test result dies, we count it in our statistics.” This is another subtle admission that the death numbers are not even close to reality! In a country of more than 83 million, 10-12 thousand tests a day means nothing!

The 1 million Euro which Khamenei “allowed” to be used for combating Corona impacts has not reached Ministry of Health as of yet. Harirchi said, “It’s in the process of being converted to Rials.” Isn’t it fascinating? A government in dire need of cash, has the money but the money is not there!! But this same government claim “we have defeated coronavirus and everything is great.”

He continued, “We have prepared specific protocols for gym centers in white and yellow areas. Also, for mosques. But it’s all going to be decided in the Task Force meeting tomorrow.” On the other hand, Zali, the head of committee in Tehran issued another warning saying Tehran’s situation is very worrisome and 210 patients have been admitted yesterday! Wearing mask at subway in Tehran has become mandatory from today and police will not allow anybody without mask to enter the subway area.

Khuzestan is on an uptrend and head of Medical University warned that since there are more patients coming in, the province may have to close public areas and begin another lockdown.

Website 31Land has stopped updating their map and stats. They announced they have found discrepencies between numbers reported by the Ministry of Health and the ones reported separately by medical universities in each province. They pointed out, “On April 23, the cumulative number of new cases from 18 provincial universities was 1,017 while the Ministry announced 1,030 for the entire country! Meaning 13 provinces including red ones such as Gilan, Alborz, Qom, Khorasan Razavi, Yazd, East Azerbaijan,… had only 13 cases altogether that day!” Yet another proof for regime’s data manipulation. But, they are adamant “everything is going great”!

Reproduction Rate (R0): 1.16
Total: 96,448
Dead: 6,156
Healed: 77,350
Critical: 2,787
Admitted: 12,942
Tests: 484,541 at 130 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193 (Last updated on April 25)

Nothing is under control in the “Supreme Leader”‘s world and his tyrannical regime!

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