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Iran Coronavirus May 25 – Waiting for a Miracle

Rouhani's administration keeps insisting on its lies and normalizes the situation, people believing them and this vicious cycle continues until a miracle happens! This is how the regime governs the whole country in all aspects.

Eisa Farhadi, City of Tehran’s Governor, says he’s worried Coronavirus will become normalized in the city and if that happens, peak of the disease won’t be far behind. Mazandaran, one of the most visited provinces in N Iran, have become a new source of infection. Photos from the “Eid Fitr” holidays show crowds sitting, walking, running very close to each other on the beach, sharing hookah and other goods with the next person without following social distancing rules. Mazandaran officials are warning the hospitals to be on high alert!

Ardebil Governor reports a few cities in red situation and asks people to take the rules more seriously! He said the province in general is in “yellow” situation! There are “unmatched reports of increased cases” are coming out of this province, increasing the fear that the second wave may be on the way! The confusing and pointless coloring of cities is becoming clearer and clearer every day.

Head of Chabahar’s Health Network has also announced his city should be designated as “red” in the colored map of Iran! He said, “The number of infected cases have increased compared to the first 2 months of the crisis.” He didn’t hesitate to blame people and not the government for lisfting the restrictions prematurely and abruptly! He added, “Until further notice, all gatherings, including religious, cultural and families will be construed as a violation and Judicial branch will get involved.” It’s worth noting, the government has ordered all restaurants, museums, mosques, holy shrines,… across the country to reopen, but still people are to guilty of going to open places!

In the past 10 days, Khuzestan has reported more than 6,000 new cases and 142 deaths due to COVID-19 in the province. According to Ahvaz’s Jundishapur Medical University, there are 10,419 cases in the province until May 24, which has doubled in the past 10 days. Despite this huge jump, Haririchi, Deputy Health Minister, said, “Fortunately, Khuzestan is among “medium and slightly above medium” provinces in terms of infection rate.” Considering Iran has 31 provinces, it is not difficult to calculate the estimated number of total cases in the country, which is another proof for the fake and manipulated stats by Islamic Republic.

Of course, Rouhani wanting to appear heroic, on a phone call to Interior Minister, asked him to “control the virus in 1-2 provinces and several cities with an uptrend.” When there wasn’t any mention of the provinces or the cities, the Minister has said, “People are to blame for not following the instructions.” Not the first time this happens, and won’t be the last, people are always the easiest to blame for their incompetency and mismanagement!

There are reports of “red” cities and provinces on all 4 corners of the country but Rouhani’s administration keeps insisting on its lies and normalizes the situation, people believing them and this vicious cycle continues until a miracle happens! This is how the regime governs the whole country in all aspects. For example, after 41 years, Gheyzanieh village in Ahvaz, Khuzestan doesn’t have drinkable water for a few days. People protested in front of City Council’s office with no avail. Blocked a road to show their despair but met with bullets from security forces. And after all that, Rouhani “called” the Interior Minister to get the water back on! Khuzestan province, in general, and this village specifically, are sitting on wells of oil but are the poorest people in the country.

2,023 new cases and 34 deaths in the past 24 hours are the “official” numbers but even by reading this one report, everybody could see how these don’t make sense. Graphs and increased basic reproduction rate (R0) points toward a gloomy future.
R0: 1.24
Total: 137,724 (+2,023)
Dead: 7,451 (+34)
Healed: 107,713
Critical: 2,615 (-18)
Admitted: 22,560 (+77)
Tests: 818,917 (Number of labs wasn’t mentioned in today’s news. Officials may have finally figured out there are discrepancies when they lie.)
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193 (Last updated on April 25)



Total deaths
Updated on February 7, 2023 3:59 PM
Total recovered
Updated on February 7, 2023 3:59 PM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on February 7, 2023 3:59 PM
Total active cases
Updated on February 7, 2023 3:59 PM






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