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How Mahsa Amini Became the Cipher of Uprising

She was announced dead on Friday September...

Mahsa Amini: Arrested For Islamic Guidance, Ended Up Brain Dead!

Another tragedy and another crime at the...

Iran Coronavirus May 30, 2021 – No End in Sight

Fifth wave of coronavirus is on its way in Iran while the fourth one is not over yet! More lies about COVID-19 vaccination and timeline.

Fifth wave of coronavirus in Iran is on its way, before the fourth one is over! Fars Medical University officials report “few cases” of Indian and South African variants in cities close to Bushehr and Hormozgan. Dr. Hemmati expressed his worry over the spread of these strains in the province and the fifth wave of COVID-19. Markazi authorities say the fifth wave would begin in July because protocols compliance has decreased. Charharmahal-Bakhtiari Medical University warns about the upcoming holidays and spread of the new variants in the country leading to the next wave!

In the meantime, widespread blackouts continue across the country. Head of Ahvaz Medical University is worried these constant power outages will harm patients depending on oxygen, including COVID-19 cases. Dr. Abolnejadian said, it takes 30 seconds for the backup generators to kick in, which leads to decreased pressure and purity of oxygen. He requested the power company not to cut hospitals power for the sake of patients safety.

More about regime’s vaccination process

On the other hand, vaccination process and empty promises of Islamic Republic officials make it clear there is no end in sight to the COVID-19 crisis! Islamic Republic President and other authorities had promised importing of millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine through private companies but today, head of FDA said no private importer has been successful! Shanesaz said their permits will be canceled soon!

COVIran Barekat lead researcher announced the request for urgent authorization has been sent to the Ministry of Health! Dr. Minoo Mohraz, without providing any specifics, said the second phase of clinical trials was successful and it is a safe choice. She claimed the results will be published soon, but even the first phase results have not been released yet! Director of the 3rd phase of clinical trials claimed 100,000 volunteers signed up for the trial but only 18,500 will receive the vaccine! Reza Mazhari said 10,500 were tested in Tehran and Karaj, and 8,000 will receive the shot in 4 other cities from June 20. He predicted the process will be completed in 10 days!

Additionally, Director of Pasteur Institute promised the results of the third phase of Cuban-Iranian vaccine will be analyzed by June 22! Dr. Biglari said he would seek the urgent authorization permission from the Ministry of Health after “positive results.” National Task Force Spokesman repeated his claim that mass immunization will begin by September, another 4 months with possible fifth wave on the way.

According to official data from the Ministry, since February 9, only 0.61% of population are fully vaccinated and total of 4,010,053 shots have been administered.

Ministry of Health Spokesperson claimed 198 died of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours in Iran and 8,876 tested positive for the novel coronavirus. As seen on the graphs, it is a significant increase from the day before. Iran Medical Board officials estimate the real numbers are at least 3 times higher than the daily reports. Ministry of Health refuses to provide specific variant information.
R0: 3.23
Total: 2,902,094 (+8,876)
Dead: 79,939 (+198)
Recovered: 2,441,528
Critical: 4,219 (-77)
Active Cases: 380,627 (-7,817)
Tests: 19,814,489 (23.5% of the population, assuming each test was performed on 1 person)

Cover: Mohsen Esmailzadeh



Total deaths
Updated on September 26, 2022 5:34 PM
Total recovered
Updated on September 26, 2022 5:34 PM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on September 26, 2022 5:34 PM
Total active cases
Updated on September 26, 2022 5:34 PM






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