Rouhani was bragging about “free for all Corona test and treatment” yesterday, and as we mentioned it was all a lie. Today, another official confirmed what we had said, once more. Inspector General for Ministry of Health said, “Corona treatment and test is “free”. But almost all hospitals in all provinces have charged patients for one item or the other!” He also confirmed our reports on “shortage of masks”, while some officials, including Rouhani, had said they’re ready to “export” masks.

In the meantime, there is a jump in the number of deaths and new cases in the past 24 hours, even in the fake and made-up Ministry of Health’s statistics, there have been 1,223 new confirmed cases and 74 deaths. The graphs show the difference!

Every time the officials were asked about the COVID-19 protocols and their standards compatibility with WHO, they always had said, “WHO is aware of our protocols and they have praised our work….” Today, Iran International published a piece and evidence from WHO trip to Iran that Islamic Republic officials had hidden from the public, because it reveals everything we’ve been saying for MONTHS!

WHO reports on many areas, including the fact that the novel coronavirus has reached Iran in late January. The first 2 victims whom the regime announced on Feb 19, didn’t have any travel history to China but their family and close relatives did, and one of their tests was positive! The 2 victims were in shoe manufacture business, and there were “several Chinese guests and visitors” attending “Qom’s Fifth Shoe and Sandal Exhibition” between 21-24 January!

According to the report, WHO also points out these facts:

  • 1- 8 of 186 patients admitted to hospitals for “ARDS” died during the month of February. In the same time period last year, there were 0 deaths due to ARDS.
  • 2- 5 workers from Salafchegan, Qom, were tested positive for COVID-19 in February. They had symptoms from Feb 10.
  • 3- Late February, at least 5 of 17 Chinese workers tested positive in Qom. Indicating they contracted the disease earlier.

WHO report also points out to “surprising” remarks of Islamic Republic’s officials regarding sanctions, and not having test kits, saying the organization had contacted the government to send them the needed supplies and test kits from the beginning of the crisis. And of course tons of supplies and thousands of kits have been sent to Iran but they ended up in the black markets, as we have reported before!

On another part of the report, WHO criticizes lack of a centralized system recording and reporting COVID-19 cases. They say the 4 systems used by the Ministry of Health are not well connected or organized! They called this as one of the causes in not having a good picture about Iran Coronavirus spread model and the scale of the crisis.

Another cause for speedy and intensified spread is not following proper infectious disease protocols. Including: 1) Suspected and confirmed cases are close to each other. 2) There is no visitation supervision. 3) Healthcare staff don’t follow protocols, going back and forth to/from clean/infected areas.

While Rouhani’s administration brag about “exporting” masks, the report indicates the supplies produced in Iran are not up to standard. Also Qom physicians do not trust 50% of tests done and rely more on CT scans to confirm a case.

You can find the full report here:

A jump in numbers is just the beginning of a much bigger wave that even manipulating numbers would not be able to conceal it. The number of admissions also shows a 190 increase, compared to days of manufactured declines!
R0: 1.16
Total: 98,647
Dead: 6,277
Healed: 79,379
Critical: 2,676
Admitted: 12,991
Tests: 508,288 at 130 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193 (Last updated on April 25)

We have been saying all these, but now evidences are coming out left and right.


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