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Iran Coronavirus May 5 – When White, Red & Yellow Fade

A second wave of COVID-19 is on the way which would lead to more families in woe, and there's only one thing to blame for it all: Incompetent, corrupt and brutal regime of Islamic Republic.

The graphs depict it perfectly! The prediction we’ve had for a while that even Ministry of Health can’t conceal it with their mastery in manipulations! Increase in confirmed cases in the past 4 days and climbing admission and critical cases all point towards one thing, a second wave that would lead to more families in woe, and there’s only one thing to blame for it all: Incompetent, corrupt and brutal regime of Islamic Republic.

In response to a question about the possibility of a second wave, the Ministry of Health Spokesman, Jahanpur, said, “Although there is an uptrend seen in 15 provinces, we have to wait for another 1-2 days.” Wait for what exactly? When the numbers declined in a 24-hour period, they were shouting “we are in a very good position”, but now…

“Khuzestan is an anomaly, seems like it reached its peak a bit later than other provinces!”, said Jahanpur. Regarding the three “White, Red, Yellow” counties that have been the talking point of every single official in the past couple of weeks to distract people from what’s really going on, he said, “We don’t have a centralized system for it and we don’t intend to announce the cities in each zone. Each University of Medicine following protocols and confirming it with the Ministry will announce the zone. All designations are updated every 5 days and would be changed if needed.” He continued, “The only reference for the zones is the Mask App.”

Courtesy of @Mehras_ on Twitter

As you can see, the white areas are small and as said before, this is another game by the government to normalize the situation and blame people if anything goes wrong! They keep insisting, “social distancing” must be followed or “mosques and religious ceremonies are reopened in white areas only if social distancing is abode” but nobody answers the million dollar question: HOW? When 1,108 holy shrines in 132 “white cities” have reopened, how is “social distancing” going to work?

Jahanpur said, “Corona detecting dogs are not verified yet. There could be a research and see if they could be used for this purpose, which breed,…It is not too far fetched that dogs could do this.” It’s worth mentioning, dogs are considered filthy and forbidden in Islam and the government brutally kills wandering dogs every day around the country!

He also confirmed the fact that the 1 million Euro withdrawn from National Development Fund has not reached the Ministry yet. This is the same 1 million Euro that Khamenei “allowed” to be used to combat the impacts of coronavirus, the state media ran the story for a few long days praising the “kindness of the Supreme Leader” and even western media announced the news! Where is it now?! His God knows best!

According to the official numbers, these are the top 5 COVID-19 infested jobs in the country:
1- Healthcare: 2,286 confirmed cases among physicians and nurses. Unfortunately, 122 have died of the disease.
2- Bank tellers: 45 out of 3,000 confirmed cases have passed away.
3- Taxi drivers: 450 cases were confirmed, 31 of which lost their lives.
4- Midwives: 3 out of 240 cases died of COVID-19.
5- Subway workers: No death among 35 patients.

Jahanpur said, “The jump in numbers could be because of active case finding.” However, their own numbers suggest there has been NO CHANGE in the numbers of tests done every day. It’s been constantly in the same 10-12 thousand range. The fake official numbers are increasing and the median basic reproduction rate (R0) is on the same roll, meaning more infections in the next few days/weeks.
R0: 1.18
Total: 99,970
Dead: 6,340
Healed: 80,475
Critical: 2,685
Admitted: 13,155 (+164)
Tests: 519,543 at 130 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193 (Last updated on April 25)

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