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Iran Coronavirus May 6 – Ministry of Health or Corona Censorship

Graphs confirm he's lying too. However, the death rate is KEPT low, apparently, the Islamic Republic regime has discovered a treatment nobody knows about.

Another day, another jump in the number of infected cases. The situation is so serious that “Jahan Sanat” newspaper published a piece from Mohammadreza Mahboobfar, an infectious disease epidemiologist, criticizing Rouhani and his administration for relaxing the lockdown restrictions prematurely and “coloring the map to white, red and yellow”! Just like we’ve been saying for days now. He writes, “Rouhani says there are white and yellow regions in the country while the next day Jahanpur says there is no such thing as a white zone.” He continues, “Iran is facing the second wave of the disease and it’s all because of incompetency.” He points out, “National Corona Combating Committee has ordered the National Organization for Civil Registration not to announce deaths numbers and everything must go through the Corona Committee, showing it’s all being hidden and trying to pretend everything is normal!”

Any of these sound familiar? It should, we have been saying all these for weeks! This expert refers to many contradictions in speeches and decisions saying, “It’s so chaotic that nobody knows who makes the decisions in the country.” He finishes the article by saying, “It’s time for Judiciary Department and its head to enter the crisis management so people don’t get hurt in this process any more. Revolutionary youth should be at the front line of defeating the disease.” Although he confirmed everything we’ve been saying for a long time, he finished it with the worst possible advice! The Judiciary and security services are already on top of everything! They’re the ones filtering the numbers and news, arresting and detaining whomever reports the truth. Judiciary and Raisi are the main problem, not a solution.

In the “Daily IR Show”, Deputy Health Minister in Treatment Affairs attended the video press conference. He doubled down on the lies the regime have been telling people about this crisis. He claimed, “We are ready to export medical supplies. We have made 900 respirators. All provinces are self-sufficient in producing whatever supplies they may need.” WHO report tells a different story! The fact that everything produced is below standards.

He said, “We see a downward trend in cases across the country.” A direct contradiction to what Jahanpur said about at least 15 provinces seeing increases in cases. It really seems like nobody checks what they say!

He said, “We’re introducing a new code (C19) for suspected cases who go to clinics and doctors offices, so we can track them.” A new way of cheating in manipulating the numbers. If this was necessary, how come it wasn’t created more than 74 days ago! If it’s not necessary…. He added, “Private practices could open their offices considering they follow the “social distancing” protocols.”

Apparently he doesn’t even check the numbers announce by the Ministry every day! He said, “The number of admissions and critical patients have decreased.” At least in the past two days, we showed how this is wrong and how even their fake numbers indicate the beginning of the second wave! Graphs confirm he’s lying too. However, the death rate is KEPT at 7.3%, apparently, the Islamic Republic regime has discovered a treatment for COVID-19 that nobody knows about.
R0: 1.19
Total: 101,650 (+1,680)
Dead: 6,418 (+78)
Healed: 81,587
Critical: 2,735 (+50)
Admitted: 13,645 (+490)
Tests: 531,275 at 130 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193 (Last updated on April 25)

Cover photo: Ehsan Taghibiglour/ISNA

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