There’s no “press conference” on Thursdays and Fridays due to weekend in Iran, but Ministry of Health continues announcing their make-belief numbers. 1,485 new cases and 68 deaths are confirmed since yesterday. Jahanpur repeated his claim that most of these cases were identified due to more case finding. He said, “986 of these cases were among the patients with mild symptoms or were in contact with other patients. Therefore, only less than a third of these new cases went to hospitals.” He continued, “Except Khuzestan, we see a consistent stable situation in other provinces and when we say case finding is the cause of 2/3 of new cases these days, it may reach up to 10 times in Lorestan and Kermanshah.”

This is just another way of projecting problems! There are 2 things to consider here: 1- The number of daily tests hasn’t changed. 2- Even if we assume he’s right, why is it being done after more than 2 and a half MONTHS?!

In the meantime, head of Boroujerd Health Network in Lorestan said, “I’m warning everybody. The number of cases coming to hospitals are increased alarmingly!” In a meeting with the county’s officials, he said, “Social distancing is not obeyed and some mosques are open and holding gatherings.” He continued, “Unfortunately, the uptrend is seen in villages as well. Some of them must be quarantined. For example, Jafarabad is seeing many cases every day.” He added, “Most cases are between 29-55 years old.”

More than a month after “Doctors without Borders” were kicked out by Islamic Republic officials saying, “We don’t need their help, we have everything”, a letter has surfaced showing the hospital which was target of their help has sent a letter to a charity asking for help. Apparently, they needed: gowns, masks, disinfectant solutions, face shields,…the same supplies the group were bringing them!

In the midst of COVID-19 crisis, and while Rouhani had promised there is no problem in providing of cereals and their supplies for the whole year, an anonymous agriculture official told Reuters,”the country is in need of importing cereals in millions of tons.” Late March, Rouhani had said, “we are independt in producing our cereals’ needs.” Not a surprise to Iranians that he’s lied again, but it might interest others to know that Islamic Republic officials cannot tell the truth even about the most trivial matter if it would reveal how pathetic they are. They prefer to lie about everything, at any cost!

Keeping track of the graphs and numbers have become pointless for some people and even Iran International hasn’t updated their stats since April 25! But it still reveals a big deal of concealment and manipulations as we showed here.
R0: 1.19
Total: 103,135 (+1,485)
Dead: 6,486 (+68)
Healed: 82,744
Critical: 2,728 (-7)
Admitted: 13,905 (+260)
Tests: 544,702 at 130 labs
Iran International Death Toll: 13,193 (Last updated on April 25)

Cover: Mojtaba Mosayebzadeh


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