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Iran Coronavirus September 16 – Impossible Numbers!

Another proof that Islamic Republic stats of COVID-19 in Iran are bogus at best. Tehran and the other 27 provinces are at worst status since the pandemic began!

Dr Zali has officially announced the third wave of COVID-19 in Tehran! Head of Tehran Corona Combating Committee reported 720 admissions in the city of Tehran, of which 147 were critical and admitted to ICU, in the past 24 hours. That means 20% of active cases were critical in one day in one city! On the other hand, Sima Sadat Lari reported 2,981 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the country (highest since June 5) and 179 deaths in the past 24 hours. She also mentioned 1,726 of those cases were admitted in hospitals! Ministry of Health Spokesperson also announced there are 3,827 critical cases in the country, that’s only 16 more than yesterday! That means 1 city has had more than 41% of all admissions in the country and that same city has had more than 9 times critical cases than the entire country in 24 hours!

Furthermore, assuming the same strain of virus is spread throughout Iran, even based on their own manipulated data, there must be 6,937 critical cases, almost 1.5 times of what they’re reporting every day! That also confirms reports about shortage of ICU beds and the fact that physicians have to pick and choose which patient to save. That’s also another reason for the Ministry of Health not to announce individual provincial stats, it will reveal their entire falsifying operation!

Dr Zali also criticized schools reopening, canceling remote workers and lifting restrictions on some businesses. He emphasized one of the most important factors in coronavirus spread is social distancing which has been meaningless when more than 2,150,000 people use public transportation (Metro and bus) on a daily basis! He continued, “wearing mask is necessary but not enough and we must take serious action in Tehran soon.” He knows if this continues any further, there will be no hospital staff left to take care of anybody! The alarm has been sounded a long time ago if Islamic Republic officials were to listen. Unfortunately, as far as they’re concerned, they’re safe in their bunkers, whatever else happens, happens!

The officials have been traveling around the country telling provincial officials and residents to be ready for twindemic but have no plan on how they should be prepared?! There’s nothing, literally, nothing has been done to slow down the spread of the virus but quite contrary they have caused it to infest the whole country much faster, by allowing religious gatherings, lifting restrictions prematurely and many more deliberate or foolish mistakes!

The same 28 provinces remain critical and officials keep warning about the increased number of cases but Rouhani says there’s nothing to be done, “we’ve done great so far.” In the meantime, active cases reach a new high, R0 and graphs indicate worse is yet to come!
R0: 1.46
Total: 410,334 (+2,981)
Dead: 23,632 (+179)
Healed: 352,019
Critical: 3,827 (+16)
Admitted: 34,683 (+767)
Tests: 3,641,581



Total deaths
Updated on December 4, 2022 5:43 AM
Total recovered
Updated on December 4, 2022 5:43 AM
Total confirmed cases
Updated on December 4, 2022 5:43 AM
Total active cases
Updated on December 4, 2022 5:43 AM






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