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Iran Coronavirus Summary Feb 24

Feb 23 Summary of Coronavirus in Iran is posted here. This post will be updated as more information/videos/audios come out. Coronavirus is causing panic and instability in the country. As you can read here, the whole country is affected and all schools are closed. The government is still lying, denying and covering up facts. The official stats hasn’t changed yet despite all new reports. For more info you can refer to this post or this one.

Update @22:55 local time: Officials confirm 3 positive cases of Coronavirus in Alborz province. The official who was speaking with a radio station said, “the best thing for people to do is to stay home and not be in gatherings.”

Update @22:35 local time: United Arab Emirates (UAE) suspends flights to/from Iran.
One of the audio files we had published earlier from a physician at a hospital in Tehran, has been confirmed by IranInternational News network and here you can listen to it with English Subtitle.

Update @22:00 local time: Oman joins other countries (Iraq, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar) stopping flights to/from Iran.
IRGC’s Intelligence Chief at Supreme National Security Council meeting: Hossein Taeb opposes quarantining Qom calling the city Islam’s dignity. “If we quarantine Qom, US media would take advantage of our weakness.” [This is how screwed up they are. People’s lives don’t matter to them, just their egos!]

Update @19:35 local time: Two physicians contracted Coronavirus in Masih Daneshvari hospital in Tehran. According to the head of the hospital, there are 104 suspected patient admitted with half of them getting better, which means half of them are NOT feeling better. (This was a confirmation of what we reported earlier with an audio file, you can find it below).

Update @19:05 local time: Kuwait confirms 3 cases who traveled from Iran. Afghanistan confirms 1 case in Herat province, W Afghanistan, who just got back from Qom.

Update @18:52 local time: Ministry of Health Coronavirus stats:
Confirmed cases: 64 including: 34 in Qom, 13 in Tehran, 4 in Markazi, 6 in Gilan, 1 in Mazandaran, 2 in Isfahan, 1 in Hamedan
Dead: 12
Healed: 3

Update @14:55 local time: Unconfirmed report of 4 deaths in Kermanshah at Imam Reza hospital. 1 in critical condition. One of the dead was a 33-year-old police officer. The government doesn’t acknowledge these deaths, and many more across the country.

Update @13:50 local time: Dispute over the number of deaths in Qom between officials.

Update @12:08PM local time: Qom parliament representative: About 50 people are dead in Qom due to Coronavirus including 32 while in quarantine. The first COVID-19 deaths happened on Feb 13, 2020. The news was revealed late. 250 people are in quarantine right now.

Update @11:57 local time: Qatar Airways stops its flights from Iran and South Korea in fear of Coronavirus.

Update @11:15 local time: Official news: The number of deaths rose by 4 within 24hrs. Total dead: 12.

Mahan Air, which is partly owned by IRGC, brought the virus into the country. It hasn’t stopped the flights to/from China yet. Now, there is a Chinese ship arriving at Dayyer port in Boushehr province.

The head of Qom University of Medical Sciences, responsible for hospitals in the province, is being quarantined as his test came back positive. Let’s not forget he’s had multiple news conferences after Coronavirus outbreak in Qom was officially announced.

Update @11:05 local time: (Unconfirmed by IranTrue) Reports of 127 NEW confirmed cases in Qom among military service soldiers. They say the number of dead in Qom is 37 but the government mentions flu as the cause of death on their death certificates. The test kit is expensive and the bankrupt healthcare system in Iran can’t afford to test even the severe cases in some places.

There are unconfirmed reports of possible quarantine of Tehran. Tehran has become a huge petri dish because of government’s incompetence and cover up of the disease for so long. There is unconfirmed audio file from a doctor in Masih Daneshvari hospital saying the situation is dire and many people have become sick. He specifically mentions 2 deaths from 2 days ago, 13 positive Coronavirus test results including 4 hospital staff and physicians. He also states many are transferred from other hospital to Daneshvari’s hospital. Practically the hospital has become quarantined since they have closed thoracic surgery, head&neck surgery,… wards and bringing Corona patients there.

This is an audio of Mohammad Soleimani, son of Abbas Soleimani, who became a victim of COVID-19 in Tehran talking to Manoto News. According to the son, he contracted the disease when he was on a short trip to N Iran, then on his way back his condition detoriated, staying with his family on the way back to Tehran. After he arrived at Tehran, he went to hospital but the doctors didn’t consider Coronavirus until it was too late. The doctor told him, it’s too late for quarantine and probably most people have the virus roaming free in the country!

He also mentions the lack of proper protection gears for healthcare staff, and other medical supplies and training.

While we have reported about the lack of supplies, it’s worth seeing it with your own eyes.

A photo of a patient, suspected of COVID-19, passing out in the middle of Tehran Bus Terminal.

A video of an expired patient in Taleghani hospital in Uromiyeh, NW Iran, who passed away Feb 23 came out today. The officials said there is no case there.

While the government denies any cases in Isfahan, center of the country, this is a video of a patient being transferred to 9 Dey Hospital.

There are reports of an escaped confirmed patient from a ward in Khoy hospital, NW Iran, after an earthquake shook that town. Also, they say 2 are dead as the result of COVID-19 in that city. The quake has cut off water and power to hospitals for hours.

Coronavirus is spread through the whole country and people would be safer staying inside and following the proper health tips. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with REAL news from Iran.

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