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Iran Coronavirus Summary Feb 28: 143 More Cases

Updates for Feb 27, Feb 26, Feb 25, Feb 24, Feb 23 and up to Feb 22 are posted on their individual pages.

Update @21:00 local time: BBC says 210 people have died from COVID-19 in Iran.
According to our local reports, even this isn’t close to reality. Government has reported only 34!

Update @16:50 local time: Rasht parliament representative says what we already knew, “The stat provided by the government is not close to the reality. The truth must be told to people, I swear the officials to God.”

Since officials were forced to announce Coronavirus outbreak in Iran, there are new cases and deaths every day. 143 more cases were positive for Coronavirus and 34 are dead from the diseases so far. Of those 143 new patients:
Tehran: 64  Gilan: 25  Qom: 16  Isfahan: 10  Mazandaran: 9  East Azerbaijan: 4  Qazvin, Kurdistan, Semnan, Golestan: 2 each   Khuzestan: 3  Alborz: 3  Ardebil: 1
Total infected so far: 388
Dead: 34, 8 from yesterday
Healed: 24
Provinces: 24, 2 more from yesterday

Deputy head of Qom University of Medical Sciences confirms the head of the university, two of his deputies and 10 physician/nurse are infected with the virus. He added, “Kamkar and Forghani hospitals are at full capacity, if this disease reaches its peak in Qom we would have to bring in mobile hospital.”

2 cases are confirmed in Dezful, Khuzestan, SW Iran. Abadan closed off its entrance points and doesn’t let anybody in after 3 cases are tested positive for COVID-19 and 20 are suspected cases, however, Health Ministry only announced 3 of those in Khuzestan. A member of parliament confirms 4 parliament representatives’ test results out of 30 tested, are confirmed as Coronavirus patients.

COVID-19 took more lives today. Another nurse, Ramin Azizifar, is reportedly dead due to the virus in a hospital in Tehran. People in Tehran have stopped using Metro, making the stations and train cars like a ghost town.


The government has refused to quarantine any city making the virus spread throughout the country. The stat provided by Health Ministry are not to be trusted.


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