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Iran Coronavirus Summary March 1:Unstoppable

Coronavirus is highly contagious and not a joke, just ask Islamic Republic! Official numbers are rising every day, even though we all know we would never hear the truth out of regime’s officials. 385 more confirmed cases, 11 more dead and 2 more provinces for March 1 is what Jahanpur, Health Ministry Spokesman announced today, bringing the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases to 978 in Iran.

Breakdown of those new cases is as follows:
Tehran:170, Markazi:44, Alborz:31, Qom:30, Gilan:28, Khorasan Razavi:17, Isfahan:13(Cities of Isfahan&Kashan only), Mazandaran:11, Khuzestan:9, Fars:8, Lorestan:8, Semnan:3, Hamedan:3, South Khorasan:2, Hormozgan:2, Kerman:2, Kermanshah:2, Sistan & Baluchestan:1, Ilam:1
Total: 978
Dead: 54
Healed: 175
Jahanpur also asked everybody to avoid gatherings, stay home and unnecessary travels. He said, we can’t defeat Coronavirus unless every household becomes a health center and prevent the disease.

In the meantime, more towns are closing their doors to tourists. Banks are open 4hrs a day, from 8:30 to 12:30 across the country. IRGC has started a center for prevention and combatting Coronavirus. Unfortunately since no quarantine was implemented when it first started, it has spread throughout the country.

Deputy Health Minister, Haj Babaei, says, “we have to deal with Coronavirus at best until March and at worst till June. I asked all gatherings including soccer matches to be banned but they are held with no spectator at this time.”

Head of Public Affairs for Medical Council is confirmed to have COVID-19. Dr. Kermanpour posted a photo of his prescription and details of his admission day on Instagram.

The Khuzestan’s Governor announced a state of emergency in the province asking all residents to stay at home, while Qom, Tehran, Markazi and Gilan are at much worse conditions but no such requests and announcements have been made.

Hospitals are ordered not to accept or admit any non-emergency patient. Most hospitals across the country are at full capacity.

The situation is so bad that people are falling on the streets left and right with videos circulating on social media.


Armenia reported its first case who was somebody traveling back from Iran. Also, 32 Iranians are quarantined at a Golden Palace hotel in the country under suspicion of carrying the disease.

International organizations, especially WHO need to take action now before it’s too late. Islamic Republic regime doesn’t have the capacity or infrastructure necessary to curtail the disease. Lives of millions are at risk and a global pandemic is not too far fetched.

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