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Iran Coronavirus Summary March 4- It is Everywhere

Jahanpur, the Ministry of Health Spokesman, announced the “official” numbers for March 4. He said,”I beg people to stay in their homes for the next few weeks to stop spreading the virus. The virus can’t fly, we’re its vehicle to spread.” 586 new cases of COVID-19 are confirmed in the past 24 hours with 15 more deaths. The virus has reached to ALL provinces, except Boushehr. The breakdown of new cases:
Tehran:253, Gilan:35, Mazandaran:9, Semnan:8, Golestan:9, East Azerbaijan:9, Kurdistan:4, Kermanshah:15, Ilam:7, Lorestan:5, Khuzestan:27, Fars:14, Zanjan:6, Markazi:8, Qazvin:25, Alborz:19, Qom:101, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari:1, Kerman:14, Sistan&Baluchestan:8, Khorasan Razavi:8, North Khorasan:1.
Total: 2992
Dead: 92
Healed: 552
He added, “Since these numbers are only based on test results, it’s possible that some have been treated and released, therefore not in the stat.”
You know there are in deep trouble when they start begging for people’s help. The most recent being their sham “election”.

In the meantime, Tabriz head of University of Medical Sciences said, in the past 24hrs, there has been 12 new cases in East Azerbaijan.

Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, advises people on COVID-19 that is killing people in the thousands across the globe: ” This disaster is not as big, there’s been bigger and more serious disasters before, we’ve seen some of those in our country too. People could prevent and treat this with prayers and entreating holy Imams.” And then gives an example of prayers in Arabic.

While he so confidently says it’s not a big deal, anybody who takes videos or reports on deaths and devastation of situation is arrested and indicted for multiple crimes. There are reports of internet being disrupted and possibly shut down so the people in the country don’t have access to the truth coming out of Iran.

People are scared, rightfully so, mostly due to mismanagement, lies and secrecy on Islamic Republic part. Some people have hoarded masks and disinfectents causing shortage in the country and the regime is maneuvering on arresting these people. Making it such a big deal when in fact the government was the one bringing the virus into the country by not stopping Mahan Air’s flights to/from China in the first place. Also, IRGC sent millions of masks to China for free when keeping the disease a secret in the country, causing countless deaths, pain and misery.

Some officials have been added to the list of patients, the most prominent one being Ishagh Jahangiri, the Vice President. He’s being treated at home, trying to keep his illness as a secret. Others include more parliament members, and a deputy at Iran’s Medical Council.

Ahvaz’s parliament representative says, there is only one hospital assigned for treating COVID-19 patients across the entire Khuzistan’s province. He also insists on the shortage of medicines and medical supplies.

It’s frustrating to write bad news every day, but I guess there is no choice. WHO workers are in Iran, there are reports that they have found evidences of lies, especially in reporting numbers. Today’s officials claiming the number might be wrong could be an indication of that.

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