Saturday, November 28, 2020

Iran Coronavirus Timeline

There is no secret that Iran has been hit hard by the novel coronavirus. Even before the disease reached Iran, people have been struggling with severe poverty and only the elite had been able to live a comfortable life. Everything has gotten worse day by day, from socioeconomic situation to security and safety of people, since the widespread protests and massacre in November 2019. People have lost any hope in the system and COVID-19’s strike has made it even clearer. The regime hid the disease, lied and continue to lie about everything including the number of people affected, hasn’t provided any financial support, have arrested critics or whomever publishing anything other than the regime’s narrative, this list goes on and on! In this article we try to depict the coronavirus timeline with proven facts!
This page will be updated with the most important information. The events are in descending order and most up-to-dated ones will appear at the top.

October 11

New daily death toll: 251
Dr Zali admits to shortage of nursing and healthcare staff in hospitals, asking the Ministry to hire fresh graduates ASAP.
Health experts demand 2-3 weeks of total country-wide lockdown even if it’s against economical situation!
Ali Akbar Salehi, head of AEOI and Nobakht, Director of Planning & Budget Organization have tested positive. Saeed Namaki denies rumors about his infection!
Namaki says 3 months unpaid wages of nurses have been paid but at the same time some have gathered in Khuzestan demanding their benefits and unpaid wages!

October 10

50,000-1,000,000Toman fine for people and businesses who don’t follow mandatory mask rules in Tehran. Harirchi says there’s no system for people on the streets and it’s only implemented in shopping malls, government buildings including banks, and Metro. If not paid within 2 weeks, the fine will be deducted from monthly cash subsidies! Tickets are based on national ID numbers.
An official says if the crisis is not controlled, the number of victims will surpass the number of 8-year Iran-Iraq war!

October 9

Harirchi once again calls the entire country critical and Tehran “beyond critical.” Hospitals at full capacity and according to him, 10% of COVID-19 patients going to the hospital and 50% of admitted ones end up being dead!
Tehran Governor announces extention of the lockdown.
Hemmati, head of Central Bank of Iran, admits international banks have been granted exception for humanitarin aids and medicine from US sanctions, in an attempt to call US sanctions on 18 Iranian banks an election stunt by Trump.

October 8

New records for daily cases (4,392) and critical cases (4,335).
Arbain and government not working, while people go on short trips because they’re not banned!
Khamenei ordered all military hospitals to accomodate COVID-19 patients, another moment to become the “savior.”

October 7

Daily death toll due to COVID-19 breaks record: 239
Harirchi announces it’s mandatory to wear a mask in all areas of Tehran from Saturday, October 10, postponing another critical decision even further!
Two videos showing social distancing in Tehran during lockdown!

October 6

New record for daily cases: 4,151
Tehran officials ask National Task Force to ban traveling between cities/provinces and extend the lockdown for the city!
Harirchi admits there are no ICU beds available in Tehran anymore, saying 100 had to be held up in ER for beds to become available.
Ghalibaf visits COVID-19 patients and staff at a hospital in Tehran. Staff tell him about shortage of equipment and beds, not paid their wages and benefits for months. Ghalibaf promises to talk to the “president” in their tomorrow meeting!
Rouhani cancels his meeting with Ghalibaf saying he didn’t follow protocols and can’t risk meeting with him!
US offers help to Islamic Republic to contain the novel coronavirus while regime and other human rights abusers such as China, Russia, Venezuela and Belarus blame US sanctions for their own mismanagement of COVID-19 crisis.

October 5

Dr Mardani, a member of National Task Force, admits Ministry’s data only includes PCR tests results and not clinically diagnosed cases which are the majority in hospitals! He also says there’s no bed left in Tehran hospitals for COVID-19 patients.
Dr Tabarsi says there’s no bed in his hospital and it’s almost the same for 105 hospitals in Tehran! He says the increasing number of admissions has put pressure on hospitals’ resources.
Dr Zali says 1 week lockdown is not enough and must be extended. He says Tehran’s situation is “beyond red or critical.” Lockdown procedures have not be followed.
New record for daily cases: 3,902

October 4

Harirchi admits 1-2 weeks lockdown is not enough and number of deaths would be 200+ every day for a few weeks!
Dr Tabarsi, head of Infectious ward in Masih Daneshvari hospital in Tehran, says “we don’t need officials’ oration every day, we need action.” He asked for 1 month of total lockdown in Tehran. He said 5,000 admitted patients in city of Tehran alone means “catastrophe.”
Tehran Morgue and Ministry of Health stats don’t match!

October 3

Rouhani says people who don’t wear masks will be fined but how and how much will be decided next Saturday! As if it is not important enough decision to be taken right away!
Dr Zali complained about lack of authority in provincial Corona Combating Committees! He said the human catastrophe in the next few weeks in Tehran would be unimaginable.
Tehran Governor announces 1 week lockdown for medium-high risk businesses, schools and colleges. However, the enforcement of it remains a big concern!

October 2

Isfahan Medical University reports 1,500+ new cases every day in the past few days. They also report there’s no bed for COVID-19 patients.
Dr Kermanpour, Iran Medical Council Spokesman, announced 30,000+ cases among minors while about 300 have passed away, 3 times more than what Harirchi said on national TV a few days ago!
Dr Minoo Mohraz says there’s possibility of 600-700 deaths a day if nothing is done to contain the virus.

October 1

3,825 new cases in 24 hours, another record for COVID-19 in Iran.
Deputy Health Minister Jan Babaei admits schools reopening was a mistake.
Arbain is approaching but government doesn’t ban travling between cities/provinces.