Friday, September 18, 2020

Iran Coronavirus Timeline

There is no secret that Iran has been hit hard by the novel coronavirus. Even before the disease reached Iran, people have been struggling with severe poverty and only the elite had been able to live a comfortable life. Everything has gotten worse day by day, from socioeconomic situation to security and safety of people, since the widespread protests and massacre in November 2019. People have lost any hope in the system and COVID-19’s strike has made it even clearer. The regime hid the disease, lied and continue to lie about everything including the number of people affected, hasn’t provided any financial support, have arrested critics or whomever publishing anything other than the regime’s narrative, this list goes on and on! In this article we try to depict the coronavirus timeline with proven facts!
This page will be updated with the most important information. The events are in descending order and most up-to-dated ones will appear at the top.

July 24

Iraj Harirchi: 300% increase in cases in Mashhad. 20% of admission are non-residents. Asked people not to travel to the 2nd biggest city in Iran where “8th Shia Imam’s shrine” is located.
Khamenei’s Rep in Mashhad, Alamol-Hoda: Closing the shrine and canceling Friday Prayers won’t help containing the virus!
Qom Friday Prayers Sermon, Abbasi-Motlagh: Coronavirus is a “secular virus” which would lead religious nations towards secularism! We would only follow devout experts about Moharram mourning ceremonies.

July 23

Rouani, once again, blames everything on people and claims reopenings had no role in the “second wave” of COVID-19. He’s contradicting himself on many levels, explained on the daily report.
Rouhani insists on having Moharram mourning ceremonies across the country, under “health protocols”, of course.

July 22

1,642 deaths in the past 8 days, average of 205.25 a day. The crisis has gotten worse 5 times compared to the outset.
A video from an Isfahan Medical University is leaked showing him saying they have to choose which patient is sent to ICU and which one is left to die. (video on the daily report)
Tehran situation is worse. 9.3% of people going to hospitals are admitted, this number was 5.5% a month ago, according to Dr. Zali.

July 21

Highest daily death toll is broken again with 229 victims.
Deputy Health Minister in Health Affairs, Raisi, rejects Rouhani’s 25,000,000 and says it wasn’t based on science and shouldn’t have been said. “Based on that, 3,000,000 must have been admitted but we only have about 110,000 hospital beds, the rest were on the streets?!”

July 20

Saeed Namaki “predicts” worse days ahead. He confirms shortage of masks in hospitals which is killing healthcare staff! He also says Remdesivir and Favipiravir made in Iran are distributed in hospitals. Both of which were previously announced as “ineffective” by Ministry officials.
R0 increases to 1.34.

July 19

Head of Health Committee at Tehran City Council, Nahid Khodakarami, announced 7,167 COVID-19 deaths in Tehran, alone, since Feb 20, and 14,000 admissions in Tehran hospitals in the past month! Tehran’s situation is beyond red but still mentioned in “alarming” category by officials to prevent panic in the rest of the country!
Islamic Republic sent 1 ton of medical supplies, including masks to Iraq while Zarif was there for a short visit!
IRNA and ALL state-owned media publish wrong number of confirmed cases on their websites, copying from each other!
Photos of Behesht-e-Zahra birthday are on social media, with Hassan Khomeini in the front (in daily report post). The 50th birthday of the cemetery was on July 16, held at Khomeini’s “shrine”! All gatherings are still banned and people can’t have weddings or funerals.

July 18

Rouhani creates a huge buzz in Iran and international media by saying 25 million Iranians have contracted coronavirus and 30-35 million more will get it too. Immediately after, Dr. Ghaneie, said this was based on a study using “ELISA” as test and a model. The same ELISA test that was called “fraud” a few days ago!
The crisis continues at full speed! 25 provinces in red or alarming status.

July 17

FDA head writes to Acting Minister of Industries, Mines and Trades asking him to provide the necessary material for the factories to make enough masks and control the hiking price. He also warned some hospitals have had shortage of masks in the past week which could worsen the catastrophe.
Rouhani orders Interior Minister to devise a plan as soon as possible so people could gather and “mourn the 3rd Shia Imam” in Moharram, starting August 20.

July 16

Overwhelmed staff and hospital resources all across the country.
Tehran to reimpose some restrictions on high risk businesses from July 18. All gatherings are banned.
Iraj Harirchi: “We had predicted that 5-7% of COVID-19 patients may need oxygen therapy, but now more than 95% of admitted patients would need oxygen, which has cost us a lot.” He also said, COVID-19 treatment could bankrupt an average family.

July 15

Head of Iran Medical Council, Dr Zafarghandi, says he sent several letters to the “president” asking more authority for local officials and allowing government employees to work from home, but didn’t receive any response. He also warned “herd immunity” doesn’t work for the novel coronavirus.
According to Sima Sadat Lari, 140 healthcare workers have died of COVID-19 so far, mostly physicians.

July 14

Iraj Harirchi: 20% of daily deaths in the country are caused by COVID-19. That’s about 210 deaths every day.
Raisi, Deputy Health Minister in Health Affairs: Coronavirus has gone through a mutation accelerating its spread. It’s infecting 8-10 people at once. He called use of serological tests (ELISA) to diagnose COVID-19, a fraud.
4,000 COVID-19 patients in Tehran hospitals, highest to date.
Shiraz announces 4 cases of concurrent flu and COVID-19 infections.

July 13

A member of National Corona Prevention Committee said 15% of cases and 3% of deaths have been 3-16 years old and children 0-3 years old include 1% of deaths.
Mostaan 110 failed its test (video in daily report.)
“Deputy Attorney General in “Human Rights” Affairs”, threatened whomever causing spread of the disease by not wearing a mask and killing a person, will be killed in return!

July 12

Khamenei speaks to 11th “parliament representatives” and orders them to back off from any inquiry or impeachment of Rouhani. He also asks “people to help families in need.”
Head of Public Relations Office at Iran Medical Council, Dr Kermanpour, addresses the new surge in cases, up to 200% in some hospitals, blaming it on mostly on normalization by the government and early sudden reopenings. He also warns about increasing number of group infections and young patients.
Alireza Karimi in a piece for Aftab Yazd newspaper: “We are dealing with authorities that don’t know what they want or do.”

July 11

24 of 31 provinces in critical condition, that’s 80% of Iran’s population.
Rouhani says there can’t be any quarantine or long time closures, it’s impossible. He wishes the numbers will follow their pattern and in a few days, deaths will go back to 2 digits, because its 1 month in 3 digits will end!! He continued to brag about its admin’s performance during the pandemic.

July 9

221 deaths in 24 hours and new daily death toll record.
Dr Zali, head of Tehran Corona Combating Committee, complains about not designating Tehran by Ministry and asks for more authority to lock down Tehran for a week, at least.

July 8

Saeed Namaki says they’re 7-1 ahead of US and EU at one point during the pandemic. He worships Khamenei in his speech, blame people some more and says security officials asked him to devise a plan for reopenings to prevent people uprising. “We knew the numbers would go up after reopening but had no choice.” He also said only 30% of the 1Billion Euro of Khamenei’s “allowance” has reached the Ministry so far!

July 7

200 deaths in day, highest daily death toll is broken in 2 days.
Hospitals at full capacity. Masih Daneshvari in Tehran giving out oxygen in parking garage, outside and patient’s cars (photos in daily report).
“Corona Police” is officially in announced in Miandoab, West Azerbaijan. Its existence was denied before, in June.
Officials keep blaming people for holding weddings and “spreading the virus”, two sides of a wedding is revealed by a patient’s brother.

July 6

Tehran situation is getting worse every day.
Shortage of masks in the market and hospitals. Mask “export” is banned.
Hospitals and healthcare workers are overwhelmed.

July 5

163 deaths in a day, highest since the start of the outbreak to date, of course, based on highly scrutinized stats of the Ministry of Health.
18 provinces in red or alarming status.
Wearing mask becomes mandatory at public places. According to Rouhani, government employees refusing to wear one will be marked as “absent” and clients without one will not receive services.

July 4

According to “official” announcement, 13 provinces are in red or alarming status.
Dr. Masoud Mardani, an infectious disease specialist and a member of the National Task Force said, “Based on serological tests done across the country, we estimated about 18,000,000 Iranians have contracted the virus which is about 20% of total population.” That would translate to about 972,000 deaths, based on 5.4% death rate (at the time).

July 3

Friday Prayers in “white” and “yellow” cities are held despite the ongoing catastrophe everywhere and no travel restrictions between provinces.
18 provinces report increased cases and critical situation.

July 2

Sadat Lari doesn’t even bother announcing the long list of “red” provinces, “Unfortunately, the admissions across the country have increased. All provinces mentioned yesterday, remain at the same status.”

July 1

Healthcare staff across the country are exhausted, working multiple shifts in a row for more than 134 days. Hospitals from 4 corners of the country report they’re at full capacity.
Nurses protesting against their unfair working condition in Mashhad are beaten by batons and shockers. 10 arrested and released after a few hours.
Rouhani and the regime continue bragging about their “achievements.”

June 30

13 provinces are given new directives by the Ministry to deal with the virus. More and more provinces are designated “alarming” or “red” every day.
An official from Tehran Medical University says more cases and deaths are expected in the next 2 weeks. Another official warns the situation is going back to March, the beginning of the epidemic.

June 29

162 deaths in a day is the highest number of deaths since the onset of epidemic in Iran, based on fake and manipulated data by Islamic Republic.
Mashhad announces “beyond red” situation and highest number of daily cases since the onset of epidemic.
Alamolhoda, Khamenei’s Rep in Mashhad, said the successful controlling of the virus is because our devout Basijis entered the scene to contain it!
“Orange” is heard from an official adding a new color to the Corona Map, invented by Islamic Republic!

June 28

Nahid Khoda Karami, head of Health Commission in Tehran City Council, announced 5,000 have died of COVID-19 in Tehran so far.
Islamic Republic limits the groups of people who could take PCR test to symptomatic cases who were in contact with a confirmed patient! It also charges whoever being treated for COVID-19 some hefty prices. It also decreases the number of daily tests performed. All of this to make the number of cases decrease instead of fighting the disease by implementing restrictions.

June 27

After 130 days, Iraj Harirchi said everybody should wear a mask and a new social media campaign began with “#منماسکمیزنم” hashtag meaning “I wear mask.” Some decisions about restrictions could be made at the local level.
Crisis gets worse by the day, more provinces report increased cases/deaths.

June 25

Namaki says he estimates the peak in Khuzestan will pass in the next few days. “I owe everything I have to Khuzestan….”
South Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, Kerman, Kermanshah,…. announce soaring cases, the list goes on.

June 24

Sadat Lari uses a double negatives in her announcement to describe critical provinces. “There has been no decrease in cases….”. The catastrophic condition in provinces continue and spread to new ones throughout the country.
Rouhani says the situation is “under control” and according to Health Minister, the virus will subside in red provinces by next week!

June 23

Hormozgan Medical University announced 2 more deaths in children, 2-year-old and 11-day-old. The official denies any preexisting condition contributed to their death, despite what Namaki had implied before.
COVID-19 ravages through more and more provinces.
Media blackout continues!

June 21

Saeed Namaki calls coronavirus a “Camel-Cow-Panther” which bites, kicks and attacks you with its horns! Health Minister said the disease would be part of our lives till 2022. He’s the one saying Iran was 5-1 ahead of US and EU in the Corona match! He also said 87% of dead had a preexisting condition or were fat, including the kid who died in Hormozgan.

June 20

More restrictions are lifted by Rouhani and the National Task Force despite the new wave of the epidemic hitting the country hard.
Rouhani keeps praising the work Islamic Republic has done in handling the virus, although, there has been no plan whatsoever in combating the epidemic.

June 19

A 9-year-old girl dies in Hormozgan. A new trend in kids emerges.
Isfahan, Khorasan Razavi, South Khorasan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah and many more provinces report surges in their cases, deaths and admissions.
International media, especially the ones with Persian language services remain silent on the crisis.

June 18

East & West Azerbaijan join the list of critical provinces.
People are blamed continuously on national TV while everything could be traced back to Islamic Republic officials.
Iraj Harirchi made it clear deaths will continue till the end of Persian year (March 2021) and nobody should be optimistic about any drug or vaccine till then.

June 17

The Ministry of Health Spokesperson keeps reporting critical provinces with omissions, additions,… confusing people watching national news! Khuzestan, Bushehr, Hormozgan and other southern provinces are still critical.
Gatherings for mourning of 6th Shia Imam were held everywhere!

June 14:

The hell is getting hotter and hotter every day. The scope of disaster is unbelievable. And still Rouhani keeps bragging about great job he’s done in “controlling” the virus, in front of cameras to fool mass population.

June 11:

The newly appointed Spokesperson made a ridiculous mistake which made its way to WHO and other international media outlets. A simple adding wasn’t done and caused under-reporting of infected cases all across the world, except IranTrue, of course.

June 10:

The crisis continues. Many provinces sound the alarm for uptrend.
An official from infested Khuzestan province let the existence of “Health Police” slip.

June 9:

Jahanpur is sacked and Sima Sadat Lari became the new spokesperson for the Ministry of Health. She’s a dentist and deputy health minister in cultural and student affairs. In his appointment letter, Saeed Namaki made it clear that she needs to coordinate everything before saying anything to media or posting on social media!

June 8:

Khuzestan and Hormozgan are in dire situation. Abadan Special Governor says one hospital is at full capacity! He also mentions “Health Police” which receives the full information of new cases on a daily bases to have them under surveillance.

June 6:

While many province are struggling with increased number of cases, Rouhani says, “We shouldn’t say second or third waves are coming, it would disrupt public’s opinion and make people worried. We must work…. we have no choice.”
Rouhani also orders all other businesses such as concert venues and movie theaters to reopen from June 21.

June 4:

3,574 is the highest number of daily infections since the beginning of the outbreak in Iran!
Khuzestan, Hormozgan, Bushehr, Sistan-Baluchestan, Kerman, South Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, East & West Azerbaijan, Lorestan, Kermanshah, Kurdistan are in critical condition, but Rouhani claims everything is “under control.” As usual, people are to blame and not the regime’s policies to manage the crisis.
Since May 25, all news is about George Floyd protests in the US and the world, like everything is normal in Iran.

May 29:

Iraj Harirchi confirms more provinces are in red situation.
Kianoush Jahanpur, announces Khuzestan as critical and several other provinces in “warning” stage!
However, the officials still insist on “controlling” the epidemic.

May 28:

Epidemiology Committee of National Corona Combating Task Force has published a report full of contradictions and many questionable “facts.” In this report, more provinces have been designated “red” and some have been mentioned as “having unmatched data” which means the trend could not be determined.
Mashhad, Lorestan, and provinces south of Iran are all are entering the peak period.

May 24:

All high risk businesses including gyms, saunas, wedding venues,… will reopen from May 26, even though the number of new cases keep increasing every day.
Khuzestan is still in alarming situation and according to Harirchi, it may take 2-3 weeks of following social distancing and wearing masks to pass the crisis in the province.

May 23:

Holy shrines reopen on May 25, from sunrise to sundown. Rouhani insists the country is in containment stage of the virus for WEEKS now, when graphs based on the government’s numbers contradicts his claim.

May 21:

New cases increase to more than 2,000 every day for the past few days. Jahanpur claims it’s been due to “more active case finding” but the number of daily tests remains in the same 12-15000 range.

May 19:

Khuzestan announces 5-day total lockdown in the province, starting May 21.
Anybody entering Iran would have to be self-quarantined for 14 days. Masks are mandatory in public transportation.

May 18:

3 MONTHS into the crisis and still no resolution on how to manage it. While people are dying every day, the officials compare the crisis with a soccer match! Health Minister Namaki calls it. “We are 5-1 ahead in Corona Match against US and EU.”
Active cases increase but government’s Spokesman says, “We’re in containing stage of COVID-19.”

May 17:

Quds day’s annual demonstration will not be taking place on May 22 (last Friday in Ramadan). Khamenei will have a speech broadcasted on TV.

May 16:

All places including restaurants and other high risk businesses are to reopen after Ramadan (May 24). All universities reopen from June 1.
Rouhani’s lies don’t stop.
Uptrend continues.

May 15:

In the past 3 days, the numbers have increased, especially in Khuzestan, Kerman, Hormozgan, Fars, Sistan-Baluchestan, and Bushehr, all southern provinces.
Khuzestan reports 424 positive out of 1275 tests in 1 day, meaning 1 in 3 were COVID-19 positives. Khuzestan is reporting 3 times more daily cases than before the country reopened on April 11.

May 12:

Turkey and Germany both deny receiving any package from Iran!

May 11:

Mosques are now allowed to reopen, a day after the “meeting” with Khamenei.
Bushehr sounds the alarm because people are traveling to/from Khuzestan, its northern neighbor.

May 10:

Khamenei speaks to the National Corona Combating Committee and 31 Governors! He compares Iran’s situation with the West, especially US, of course by making up stories. The real intention behind this “meeting” was for him to order the Committee to reopen mosques for Laylatul Qadr!
Health Minister warns about the upcoming fall too.

May 9:

Dr. Minoo Mohraz warns about fall when flu and COVID-19 may hit the country together!
Khuzestan enters critical situation.

May 8:

National Organization of Civil Registration was ordered not to publish deaths stat for last winter(it could have been used to deduce the number of COVID-19 deaths). After days of pressure it published the data. It showed 3,786 difference with the year before in 4 provinces!
Khuzestan continues to have problems. An official says 5 cities of the province were wrongly put in the “white” list!
Javad Zarif tweets about sending 40,000 “Iran-made” test kits to Germany, Turkey and others!!

May 7:

The intended hospital for Doctors Without Borders’ help had sent a letter to officials on May 2, asking for help regarding shortage of supplies.

The Ministry and Rouhani keep bragging about the ability to “export” supplies including masks and test kits.

May 5:

1,108 holy shrines opened in 132 “white” cities. White cities include a very small portion of the map showed on the Mask App, provided by the Ministry.

No news about the 1 million Euro expenditure.
The second wave is here but “active case finding” is found guilty of this charge, despite no changes in the number of daily tests! 15 provinces see an uptrend.

May 4:

WHO report from their visit to Iran in March is published by Iran International. In this report, despite what Islamic Republic media have been talking about, on how WHO praised the crisis scale and management, WHO confirms our previous reports: Islamic Republic officials knew about the outbreak weeks before they announced, manipulating death certificates recording another cause, test kits are subpar, shortage of supplies (despite all aid packages,…),…

May 3:

Rouhani lies about “free treatment” for all COVID-19 patients. While he says there has been no disagreements between “officials” in the country, the critics can’t stop issuing warnings every single day, especially about coloring the map! President also compares Iran to US once more.

May 2:

The 1 billion Euro from NDF has not yet reached Ministry of Health!
72 counties are red, 11 more from April 27! But still, they insist the crisis is under control.
31Land, a website publishing data from each province, has stopped updating their page because the data from the Ministry didn’t match the ones from provinces.

April 30:

Rouhani says People have put more money in their savings account, however, in reality, people are dying of poverty!
He also says less people are applying for “unemployment benefits” while in reality, the Labor Ministry website is not working.

April 29:

4 days after warning about the upcoming crisis in Gilan, Ghorbani is sacked by the Health Minister.
4 physicians in Armed Forces have died of COVID-19, but the spokesman for Armed Forces calls it “nothing”. He also said 3,600 people have been arrested across the country charged with “spreading rumors about Corona in cyberspace.”

April 28:

Unsurprisingly, Jahanpur denies the evidence in one sentence.

April 27:

Iran International publishes a piece of evidence from Ministry of Health showing how the official statistics have been manipulated!

61 Red zones which include province capitals!

April 26:

Rouhani compares Coronavirus to superpowers which you shouldn’t cave in to their desires!
He also announced 100 out of 434 counties in the country to be in the “white zones”, categorizing the country into White, Yellow and Red zones. However, governors from 10 different provinces across the country disagreed with him.

April 25:

Epidemiology Committee of the National Corona Task Force reports uptrend in 11 provinces, unmatched data in 5 provinces. An epidemiology professor in Tehran Medical University says the real numbers could be as high as 20 times the official ones.

April 23:

Khuzestan Governor sounds the alarm for red situation in his province!
Gilan officials warn about lifting restrictions between provinces.
A bill is introduced to prosecute whom spreading a contagious disease.

April 22:

Mazandaran Lab Workers Association write a letter expressing shortage of test kits in the province.

April 21:

Vice Chairman of the Parliament’s Health Committee said only 20% symptomatic patients go to hospital and only half of those get tested because there is not enough test kits available!

April 20:

For the first time, the basic reproduction rate was calculated by IranTrue. It was 1.22 at the time, and Rouhani reopened the country knowing that.
Iran passes China in the number of infected cases!

April 19:

Vice President in Science and Technology Affairs, Sorena Sattari claims they’re ready to export ventilators, test kits,…
A prominent physicist and former Ministry of Science official calls the IRGC invention a fraud!

April 18:

Army Chief Commander said his force was ready to face the virus since January 18! He also said Army has invented a new device which emit a gas destroying all viruses especially coronavirus in a 200 square meter area (2152 square feet).
Iran applies for $50million loan from World Bank and 150 million Euro from Islamic Development Bank for medical supplies while already they had said everything is under control!

April 15:

Jahanpur says Pompeo is in “denial” and can’t accept reality that Islamic Republic is managing the crisis. He also lashes out at a member of Tehran City Council. The Councilman had asked for more transparency in Tehran’s number of cases and deaths.
IRGC unveils a new magnetic device which “could detect the virus from a 100-meter (328 feet) distance. Ministry of Health says it is NOT approved for anything! This video becomes the subject of so many jokes that we haven’t heard anything about it any more! It looks like it was just another excuse for IRGC to steal some money!

April 14:

The first time coloring of the map is mentioned, “white zone” in the south could resume Friday Prayers.
While government is begging for more money internationally, the Supreme Audit Court of Iran reports disappearing of $4.8biilion from the country’s budget!

April 13:

The Corona Match begins! Islamic Republic starts to compare their fake and made-up numbers to western countries especially US and EU!

April 12:

Social distancing is poorly followed because people believe in the government’s reporting of “under control” crisis. Ministry of Health Epidemiology Department warns if the rules are not followed, more than 30,000 could die of COVID-19.
Head of Tehran’s cemetery (Behesht-e-Zahra) announces a new section with 10,000 graves is ready for COVID-19 victims.

April 10:

According to Jahanpur, ELISA kits are being produced domestically and will be used for “smart social distancing.”
Health experts, journalists and MPs continue warning the government in reopening the country from tomorrow!

April 9:

For the first time ever, Khamenei is forced to issue a correction of his gaffe on TV! He had said, “There are more than 1million dead due to Corona in the world, when more than 10million have died in both world wars,” in a botched attempt to downplay the current crisis which sparked a lot of jokes on social media. In the correction video, he corrected the Corona stat but not the WW one.
Iran International reports about a Supreme National Security Council on April 7, where Rouhani has chosen to reopen the country because he’s afraid the protests will start and could not be controlled. He has said, “Even if 2-2.5million die of the COVID-19, it’s better than 30million hungry people on the streets.”

April 8:

Rouhani urges IMF to approve the loan. US is expected to block the request.
IRGC calls Jahanpur’s statement about China as “out of place and unprofessional”, asking him to apologize to the Chinese Ambassador, suggesting he should be investigated to find out the “behind the scenes” of his comment.

April 7:

Parliament convenes a meeting after 44 days closure!

April 6:

Khamenei authorizes 1billion Euro withdrawal from NDF, 11 days after Rouhani’s request!
US State Department calls Islamic Republic’s attempts to get sanctions lifted as a scam!

April 5:

Kianoush Jahanpur calls Chinese stats a “bitter joke” that fooled the world into thinking COVID-19 is less deadly than the flu. There was backlash from every direction, including Foreign Ministry defending China and Chinese Ambassador in Iran telling Jahanpur to “shut up” on Twitter. In the meantime, Iranians started a campaign against China Communist Party.
News of IMF declining Islamic Republic’s request for the $5billion loan. However, head of Central Bank of Iran said the process is not finished yet and even so we still can appeal the decision.

April 4:

Ministry of Health announces the country is in a total decline except for 5 provinces.

April 3:

The Ministry of Health’s online portal to screen people have been hacked and personal information of millions of Iranians (Name, National ID number and DOB) was on sale for 10BTC on darknet!
Rouhani extends the Persian New Year holidays until April 10, saying everything would go back to normal on April 11, Tehran would follow a week later on April 18!
Then Acting Director of Iran’s Red Cross admitted the immediate shortage of 1000 and long term need to 2000 ventilators across the country. He also said Red Cross was asked to help in the crisis on March 17! Worth mentioning, the organization didn’t have a director at all (acting or otherwise) at the beginning of the outbreak.

April 2:

Parliament’s Speaker, Ali Larijani, tests positive for COVID-19. He joins other officials with positive test.
Rouhani’s advisor, Hesameddin Ashena, implicitly threatens US, saying if US doesn’t lift sanctions, the virus will spread to US!

April 1:

“Smart social distancing” is invented by Islamic Republic Ministry of Health!
Rouhani said, “We have 6,800 ICU beds which 4,000 are being used. We are producing enough N95 masks and ventilators. We don’t have any problems in controlling the virus.” So why they insist on lifting sanctions?!
He also claimed the virus was on a downward trend, contrary to what graphs show.

March 31:

Haj Babaei, a Deputy Health Minister: “A COVID-19 patient admitted to ICU would pay 4.5million Toman on average (much more than an average monthly income), and 2million if admitted at ward.”

March 30:

Government’s Spokesman, Ali Rabiei, calls US sanctions as the worst disaster for Iranians in the year past, not COVID-19, earthquakes, floods,…! He also claims he would publish evidences showing why they didn’t quarantine Qom and Gilan but preferred Iran’s neighbors to quarantine the country by closing their border!
3 prisoners died in a riot in Sepidar prison in Ahvaz, Khuzestan. Riots have started in different prisons across the country in fear of COVID-19 and lack of health measures.
Brian Hook, State Department Rep in Iran Affairs, released a video debunking regime’s claims about sanctions on medical supplies/drugs.
State Department Spokesperson:

March 29:

Public Relations Office for National Cyberspace Center has issued a statement threatening prosecution and imprisonment of anybody involved in spreading rumors and unconfirmed stats!
Islamic Republic started pushing the idea of horrifying situation in US and other western countries on TV and Radio to the point that one of the candidates for the next Parliament Speaker tweeted this demeaning and provoking message: “We sympathize with poor Americans who are struggling with Corona while don’t have access to supplies, but it’s a pity that cruel sanctions by the vengeful US government blocks us from sending you any help.”

March 28:

Jahanpur confirms Qom and Gilan as two different ground zeros! He admits the first cases had reached the county in early January. He shows a map of the spread from the two provinces.
Muqtada Al-Sadr, a Shia cleric in Iraq backed by Islamic Republic regime, blames the global COVID-19 pandemic on “same-sex marriages”!

March 27:

AEOI (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran) has arrogantly announced production of new centrifuges for their “peaceful” nuclear program!
Riots in Saqqez prison led to about 80 prisoners breaking out!

March 26:

Rouhani writes to Khamenei to get permission for 1 billion Euro withdrawal from National Development Fund (NDF) to be used for medial supplies and equipment.
While IRGC intelligence announces millions and millions of masks being confiscated from hoarders, Ministry of Health official said, “Out of 100 million masks discovered, we received only 10 million of it.”
Despite all efforts from Zarif and his minions, US Department of Treasury added more Iranian and Iraqi individuals and companies to the list of sanctions.

March 25:

Zarif calls Pompeo “Secretary of Hate” and a warmongering troll who is killing innocents.
A hashtag war erupted between “NIAC and regime’s lobbyists” promoting regime lies about sanctions and COVID-19 and regime’s opposition! The opposition exposed regime’s lies about not having the money to combat the virus!

March 24:

Doctors Without Borders who have landed in Tehran and two of their specialists were in Isfahan on March 22 and March 23, have been kicked out of the country despite the dire need and strenuous working condition for the healthcare staff! Iranian officials claim they didn’t need the help!

March 23:

Jahanpur says all 2500 ICU beds in the country are full!
Zarif continues blaming sanctions for the increasing number of Iranians killed by COVID-19! He calls on other countries to defy US and help the regime.
Secretary Pompeo responds:

March 22:

Khamenei speaks to the nation on a TV broadcast accusing US of biological attack again and based on that refuses help from US. He also claimed “jinns” help US and other enemies to attack Islamic Republic and Iranians. He said, “They’ve been specifically looking for Iranian genes.”

Ministry of Health stopped providing the number of infected cases for each province, only the accumulative numbers for the country!
Former Health Minister published a post on his Instagram page saying, “I warned my successor about coronavirus in late December and early January but all were ignored.”

March 20:

Rouhani sends an open letter to American people looking for their sympathy trying to put even more pressure on Trump administration to lift/ease sanctions.
US responds: Coronavirus won’t save you from sanctions. US holds its position that any cash sent to the regime will finance the terrorists in the regime and won’t help Iranian people. Iranians agree, as they showed in their social media campaigns to ask US to keep on the sanctions.
7 tons of medical supplies from Qatar arrives in Iran.

March 18:

Dr Zafarghandi, head of Iran Medical Council confirms the numbers announced on a daily basis are much less than the actual number of infected cases.
Zarif speaks on a video repeating the same rhetoric about US sanctions, calling on US to end its “economic terrorism”.
Turkey, China, Qatar, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Russia, UK, Germany, France sent aid packages and cash to Iran but nothing could satisfy IRGC’s appetite for more money! They spend millions and all their time for lifting sanctions instead of saving people! People continue suffering from lack of supplies and can’t afford to buy them from black market.

March 17:

Zarif continues pushing the propaganda to pressure US into lifting sanctions. He says the sanctions are “killing innocents”, implying Iranians being regime’s hostages.
Dr. Rick Brennan, Director of Emergency Operations in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) new Emergencies Program says, “The cases reported from Iran could be just a fifth of the real number of infected due to lack of testing”.

March 16:

Rouhani says everything is going well and we will defeat the virus by March 20, the beginning of the Persian New Year.
Holy shrines in Qom, Mashhad, Shiraz,… are closed under pressure from the public and experts. However, at night, angry trolls of the regime force their way into Qom and Mashhad’s holy shrines. One clergy outside Fatemeh Masoumeh shrine in Qom said, “The government is damn wrong to close the shrine.”

Videos of mass graves surface on the social media. Intelligence agents and police arrest whistleblowers left and right.
IRGC swarms into the streets showing their “strength” to the virus with armored vehicles and guns!

March 15:

Dr. Zali, chief of Corona Combating Committee in Tehran says, “We haven’t given people the right information, leading to people not taking the disease serious enough.”The officials and IRIB have been calling flu more dangerous than COVID-19 since before the outbreak was officially announced in Iran and more heavily after that.
“Qom Intimidation Project” is unveiled by Qom officials and clergies in the city, saying quarantining and closing holy shrines are out of question.
More than 100 deaths have been announced due to methanol poisoning. Methanol masqueraded as ethanol sold to people who believe in rumors that alcohol could prevent/treat coronavirus.
Shortage of masks and disinfectant solutions continue despite tons of supplies sent to the country. But they found their way into black markets.

March 14:

Hassan Rouhani sent a letter to his counterparts in other countries explaining how US sanctions have affected Iran’s abilities to curtail the coronavirus. And of course, Zarif tweeted about it too.

March 13:

Chief of Staff for Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Bagheri, is given full authority by Ali Khamenei to take control of everything to defeat the disease, Khamenei called this, “a good exercise in biological defense.” He also said, “There are some evidence supporting the idea of a biological attack” but didn’t mention any of those “evidences.”
Bagheri said, “Every single Iranian would be evaluated for coronavirus in the next 10 days.” No need to say how accurate of a statement this was, is it?!

March 12:

Health Minister’s fully authorized representative in Gilan said, “They (security and intelligence officials) have convinced us not to quarantine Gilan. Traveling to Gilan has no souvenir but illness and death.” Quarantine has become like a curse word. Qom, the epicenter, must not be quarantined or the “enemy” would win! Same people started the idea of “biological attack by US and Israel” to defame Qom and Islam.
Islamic Republic asks International Monetary Fund for a $5billion loan to combat coronavirus!

March 9:’s editor-in-chief announces close to 2,000 deaths as suspected COVID-19 cases (10 times official stat).
A Rasht Rep in Parliament:“50% of healthcare workers in Gilan are infected. There are 30-40 deaths EVERY day. The cemeteries are full and people are buried on top of each other. Hospitals are full of patients.”

March 8:

An official talked to IranWire on the condition of anonymity that top ranking officials have refused the quarantine recommendations and if it doesn’t happen by Mid-May,close to 700,000 people may die of COVID-19! He also admitted the numbers announced by the Ministry are undercounted and intentionally lowered to prevent panic in society!
Reports of people getting charged hefty prices for getting tested despite Health Minister’s claim that it was free.

March 6:

The WHO supplies sent to Iran to combat the virus ended up in black market at a sky-high price tag.

March 5:

According to officials, cases and deaths soar to 3,513 and 107, respectively! Mahan Air hasn’t stopped its flight to/from China! Since Feb 1, it has had 34 of such flights to Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
A parliament rep tweets:“Corpses piling up in Qom and people of Rasht struggling, are proofs of incompetency in informing and warning about Coronavirus. You didn’t quarantine cities, at least make self-quarantining compulsory in Qom and Rasht, so we don’t become the world record holder for deaths [due to COVID-19].”
Jahanpur tweets a map showing how the virus has spread from Qom to other parts of the country. Head of Mashhad’s Medical University had said, “presence of Chinese clergy students in Qom has caused the outbreak in Iran.”

Dr Masoud Mardani, a member of National Flu Committee says, “We estimate 30-40% of Tehran’s population would be infected by the end of this month (March 20).”

March 4:

Friday Prayers are canceled across the country!

March 3:

Khamanei, from an unknown location outside Tehran, in front of cameras called the virus “not a big deal”, “we will defeat it”, “I recommend praying to Imams and Prophet. The 7th prayer of Sajjadiyeh is a very good and meaningful prayer.”

March 2:

Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister, started his campaign to pressure US into lifting sanctions. Regime’s apologists and mouthpieces around the world, especially NIAC in the US, start pushing the idea by writing articles on different western media,… claiming sanctions have hampered Iran’s efforts in combating the virus. However, this claim has been refuted by activists on social media and here on Iran True!
Reports of COVID-19 reaching prisons, killing and infecting inmates including political prisoners. Horrifying situations in prisons but officials deny the facts!

March 1:

Saeed Namaki, Health Minister, writes a letter to Rouhani complaining about shortage of masks and hospital beds! He said, “Domestic mask productions are hoarded and ended up in black markets!”
Deputy Health Minister in Treatment Affairs orders all hospitals to stop admitting non emergency cases and designate all beds to Corona patients.

February 29:

In response to public asking the government to close holy shrines, some people took video of themselves licking the shrines showing they’re not source of the spread but a “place of healing”.

593 positive COVID-19 cases across the country and 43 deaths are reported by the Ministry’s Spokesman, Jahanpur. However, as suspected even before this, BBC Persian reports 210 deaths and ManotoTV says according to its source 293 have died of the disease and 20,457 have been confirmed till Feb 28. Deputy head of Qom’s Medical University announces 652 admissions in the province till Feb 29! The difference between numbers is mind boggling!
So much for “normal”.

February 27:

For the first time in 41 years history of Islamic Republic, Friday Prayers are suspended. At first it only affected Tehran and capital cities around the country.

February 25:

In the first meeting of National Corona Combating Task Force on Tuesday, Rouhani said, “We’re happy with the report from the Ministry. People are recovering fast. People don’t need to worry, everything will be back to normal on Saturday!” That would have been February 29!
Iraj Harirchi, Deputy Health Minister, tests positive a day after appearing in front of cameras saying Corona is not that serious!

February 24:

Shafiei, Head of Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases of Kerman Medical University said, “We have received a letter from the Ministry of Health on February 10 to be prepared to fight against COVID-19.”

February 22:

Namaki, the Health Minister, said, “COVID-19 patients will not be charged for tests and treatment.”

February 20:

The very next day, all of a sudden, the Ministry announces 5 new cases!

February 19:

The cat is out of the bag! 2 are confirmed dead in Qom. One of them in the hospital for a week with no protection or isolation.

February 17:

A letter from Interior Minister to Health Minister asking him not to divulge any information about COVID-19 cases in the country prior the “parliamentary elections” following orders from Khamenei and the Supreme National Security Council! The letter was denied and security officials said they would be looking for whom had published the letter and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.

February 12:

The first case of death is published in the daily Iran newspaper, the official government’s newspaper: a 63-year-old female died of suspected coronavirus infection in a hospital in Tehran on February 10. Ministry of Health denies it. February 22 is the day of sham parliamentary “elections”.
On the same day, a letter presumably from a deputy health minister to President Rouhani, warning about the outbreak, mentioning 35 cases and 4 deaths in the country. It also carries suggestions that all imports/exports and flights to/from China should be stopped immediately. The officials deny the letter!

February 1:

Mahan Air, owned and affiliated with IRGC, with multiple weekly flights to/from China, is ordered by the government to suspend all such flights. However, according to flightradar24, it continues its malicious act!
In the meantime, China receives 1 million masks donated by Iran, in addition to the previous 2 million ones!

January 30:

The first cases of COVID-19 are reported to the Ministry of Health and Supreme National Security Council, but they chose to hide it before the 41st anniversary of Islamic Revolution on February 11.