Sunday, February 28, 2021

Iran Coronavirus Timeline

There is no secret that Iran has been hit hard by the novel coronavirus. Even before the disease reached Iran, people have been struggling with severe poverty and only the elite had been able to live a comfortable life. Everything has gotten worse day by day, from socioeconomic situation to security and safety of people, since the widespread protests and massacre in November 2019. People have lost any hope in the system and COVID-19’s strike has made it even clearer. The regime hid the disease, lied and continue to lie about everything including the number of people affected, hasn’t provided any financial support, have arrested critics or whomever publishing anything other than the regime’s narrative, this list goes on and on! In this article we try to depict the coronavirus timeline with proven facts!
This page will be updated with the most important information. The events are in descending order and most up-to-dated ones will appear at the top.

February 17

New UK variant cases found in 3 cities of Khuzestan.
Dr. Tabarsi: 24 cases, 2 deaths
Ministry of Health: 17 cases

February 16

Contradictory comments on vaccine priorities for veterans and their families.

February 14

A letter alleging Khamenei received Pfizer vaccine surfaced social media, forcing regme officials to respond.
Vaccines found in black market with hefty prices.

February 13

Khuzestan in devestating situation.
3 deaths due to UK variant. Islamic Republic hiding the truth for weeks for political gain. 7 cases confimred in Tehran alone.

February 12

9 counties in Khuzestan become “red.”
Dr. Zali confirmed the disease pattern is changed.
FDA Spokesman talks about timeline and number of people vaccinated!

February 11

The first death due to UK variant of coronavirus is confirmed in Qazvin.
Mazandaran denies 3 nurses were admitted after receiving Sputnik V.

February 9

Vaccination starts in Iran, with Saeed Namaki’s son being the star of the show! Raisi promised by the end of Persian Year (March 21), 1,300,000 will be vaccinated.
Mashhad’s color is manipulated so people attend Islamic Republic anniversary tomorrow.
Dr. Tabarsi: At least 45-50 million Iranians need to be vaccinated in order to achieve herd immunity.

February 7

FDA Spokesman Jahanpur said, COVPars, manufactured by Razi Serum Institute, starts its first phase of human trials today.
Ayatollah Tabrizian, “father of Islamic medicine” declared vaccination is a tool to change genome of vaccinated people, causing them to become homosexual!

February 5

British Embassy tweeted about Islamic Republic buying AstraZeneca.
State-controlled media hammered the British Embassy for the tweet!

February 4

Number of “orange” counties doubled in a matter of hours, from 18 to 36!
First batch of Sputnik V entered the country by Mahan Air.

February 3

Health Minister added, “we have contained coronavirus in Iran.” AstraZeneca is providing 4.2million doses of coronavirus vaccine through COVAX system in February.
Ali Ansarian, the second popular soccer player, passed away today from COVID-19 in Tehran. He was in the IRIB studio with Minavand!

February 2

The Lancet published a peer-reviewed article confirming the efficacy (91.6%) and safety of Sputnik V.
Mokhber: Second phase will start in a few days!