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Iran Election Live Updates

“Elections” in Iran have never been democratic. Since Islamic Republic’s inception in 1979, Supreme Leader is the only person who decides who is elected/appointed for official positions directly or indirectly. Feb 21, 2020 is parliamentary election in Iran. 290 representatives would enter a parliament with NO power to do anything for the people, but to serve Syed Ali Khamenei.

People infuriated with the regime over poverty, corruption, oppression, killing of more than 1500 in November protests, arresting of more than 9000 protesters, torturing of detainees, missing and unknown condition of some protesters, shooting down Ukraine Airlines PS752, handling of Coronavirus,… have decided to boycott the “election”. You can follow #BoycottIranElection, #NoVote4Terrorists,… on Twitter for a better idea.

In this post we’ll cover the real video footage of poll stations. The ones IR regime doesn’t want the world to see. It doesn’t want the world to know they have no legitimacy in the country and can’t fool people anymore!

The polls opened at 8AM local time and these videos have been sent to reputed citizen reporters on social media, specially Twitter. FYI, Friday is the weekend in Iran.

Update @ 7PM Local Time:

Participation in the country didn’t exceed 25%, and it was 15% in Tehran!

The following videos and pictures would show you that even this stat could not be close to reality!

The regime, however, predictably, did their usual false news and propaganda. They renewed the closing hour for poll stations because of “huge turnout”! Then post the “exciting participation” of people all over the media they control, IRIB, newspapers, many and many websites,…. But here we provide you with facts and videos, you be the judge.


A video from Shiraz, S Iran. Nobody is in the poll station but the officials.

Evidence of buying/selling votes. This happened in a village close to Khoy, West Azerbaijan. You can see people going in, get paid and go out to vote.

A woman in full hijab answering the reporter about why she’s shown up for voting. She said: “The candidates have responsibilities and they should adhere to them. Unfortunately, I’ve been to some other poll stations and saw the candidates buying votes”. The reporter cuts her off, “Let’s not get into this now.”

The “election” authorities lying within 12minutes of each other. The head of “election” committee at 15:06PM local time, says: So far 11 million have participated. On 15:18 the spokesman says more than 9 million! These two were posted on Telegram channels of ISNA and Iran newspaper respectively.

Two officials lying within 12minutes of each other.
Videos from different cities sent to BBC Persian. Cities include: Hamedan, Arak, Tehran,…
Another poll station. The reporter says, the line for buying bread is longer than the line for voting!
Sanandaj, West of Iran
East of Tehran, Kosar Mosque. The person says, he counted 16 people going in to vote.
Bookan, Fars Province, South of Iran. School is the poll station where nobody is in line for voting. Past elections you could find many forming line!! Not Anymore!

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