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Iran Protests – Mosques, Schools & Ambulances Serving As Oppression Tools

Mosque: a place for Muslims to fall to their knees to worship their God.
But not in Iran!

In Sabzeh-Meydan, Rasht, Iran, there are two mosques a few meters apart, Lakani Mosque and Khorgami mosque which was set on fire on September  21, 2022 during the anti-regime protests. But Lakani mosque was not damaged at all? Why? Khorgami mosque is a newly built building, open 24/7 and managed by military personnel; in fact, it is a Basij base that has become the main arm for crackdown and repression, killing protesters during the previous rounds of protests against the regime.

Basij nests in the Islamic republic are primarily embedded in mosques. According to IRGC Gen. Heidar Babaahmadi, deputy head of the local Basij, in March 2021: “More than 33,000 Basij bases are in or around mosques. A wrong procedure was formed at a time when some bases were erected outside mosques. But now this procedure is being amended and ordered to return the bases to the mosques.”

Rasht – 2 mosques next to each other

School: a place for education.
But not in Iran.

On Monday, September 21st, the coordinating council of the Teachers Trade Association of Iran shared a picture of the Resalat Elementary School, a public school located in Saqez, and wrote: “Are schools bases for repression?”

The flame of nationwide protests over the state murder of Mahsa Amini was already lit up before that Monday, September 19, in many cities of Iran, including Saqez, Tehran, Rasht, Sanandaj, Isfahan, Mashhad, Divandarreh, Karaj, Kamyaran, etc. The teachers’ union itself responded to the question in its statement: “Special Units were deployed in some schools in Saqez to take action and counter the protests if necessary.” On social media, many videos were posted that show the commuting of the oppressive forces to the schools as their bases.

“Islamic Republic oppressive forces gathering inside Tamadon night school in Boukan!”

Two days later, Wednesday, September 21, the union published another video from another school at another city. It was no longer a question on its caption: “schools have become bases.” It is undoubtedly not a school but a “command base!”

The union urges teachers not to allow schools to become barracks for oppressive forces. But how? Is it not the time to announce a strike yet? If not today, then when?

“Tomorrow school year starts in Iran. Teachers must call on strikes.”

Ambulance: an equipped vehicle to transport patients and injured people to or from hospitals.
But not in Iran.

Two nights ago, news of the arrest of Hossein Ronaghi, a regime dissident, was posted on social media by his relatives. Soon after, Hossein explained in a video that they could not arrest him. In time, he escaped from the grasp of the oppressive forces who came with “boxing claws” and an “ambulance” without a judicial warrant to kidnap him:

The night before the Khorgami Basij base was put on fire by protesters in Rasht, the IRGC propaganda had simultaneously published footage and news of an ambulance being set on fire by people in Rasht. That same night, a video of a girl being rescued from the hands of oppressive forces by protesters in Rasht was posted on social media. The video actually showed the same “mobile prison” that the regime’s media had broadcast on fire, but from a different angle and moments before it fell into the hands of the people. The regime’s agents locked the girl inside the ambulance to take her to a detention center. This was not an ambulance but an oppressive vehicle:

“This video is another proof that oppressive forces use ambulances to transfer protesters to bases. Fortunately, protesters didn’t allow this to happen this time, they freed the girl detainee and oppressive forces ran away.”

During these past few days of nationwide protests, many videos and reports were published on social media, proving the regime’s systematic use of ambulances as a “tool of repression” and the regime’s armed forces’ transportation.

“Islamic Republic uses ambulances as shields to transport protesters.”

“Dear Mr. Golparast,
CEO of Hamrah-e-Sair Co.”

These are the opening words of a letter Mahan Air Deputy Head of Commercial Department sent in 2020. The company “Hamrah-e-Sair ” or “Hamrah” did not exist. It was fictitious, a camouflage for the Quds Force. The letter and many other documents from the hacking of Mahan Air website and database by hackers who called themselves “homeland smarts” indicated that the IRGC was using Mahan Air to transport agents and military weapons to other parts of the world. Airplane as camouflage. Passenger as a “human shield.”

The IRGC’s exploitation of passenger airplanes years before this hacking, in October 2011, led to the Mahan Air sanction by the U.S. Treasury Department. Mahan Air uses its tools and aircraft to transport military equipment, trained IRGC terrorists, and Hezbollah members, under the shield of civilian passengers, for various purposes in the Middle East as well as to the United States. Military exploitation of civil structures was the reason for the sanctions against Mahan Air.

“Nothing is in its place in the Islamic Republic” is not merely explaining a situation. It is the definition of its structure. The Islamic Republic is a major perversion in its entirety; a structural one whereby
mosques function as Basij bases,
schools are barracks,
ambulances are armored personnel carriers,
passenger airplanes are war equipment and human shields for terrorists,
mullahs are politicians, mayors, judges, and businessmen,
an executioner is the president,… “their politics has become the same as their religion.”

Down with this perverted monster.

Translation of this post by Sahar.



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