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Iran’s National Corona Committee Decisions: Disappointing

Iran’s National Corona Committee had an important meeting last night deciding about the fate of schools, Friday prayers, and universities for next week in order to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country. This committee was assembled last week after the government had to reveal 2 deaths from Qom. Health Minister is the head with many other ministers and top military officials as the members of this body, which was put together by the President and in charge of combating the disaster.

These are the decisions made by the committee last night, Feb 26 local time:

1- All universities across the country are closed under the condition of remote classes held by professors. Health Minister, Namaki, said: “Since the students had gone to see their families this week, if they come back now, it’ll be hard to separate the sick from healthy ones. So they will be closed next week too.”

2- He added, “we’ll decide about schools on Friday night. The schools in hot zone areas will be closed for three-day period, stipulating remote classes be held. Those zones/town will be announced on Friday night as well.” It’s noteworthy that Saturday is the start of school week.

3- In regards to quarantining the hot zones, he said: “We decided instead of implementing quarantine, restrict the movements of suspected/confirmed cases. We will also have our groups at the entrance to these zones to check people’s temperature to single out suspected and/or sick patients. If a suspected case is determined, they will be quarantined for 14 days.”
He continued, “After the school closings are announced, we ask people not to travel to the cities with known cases.”
*Note: Nobody asked him what about the incubation period?!

Answering to a question about entering/gathering in holy places, he said:”There would be restrictions for entering these places and masks would be given to pilgrims.” He also stated,”Friday prayers in the cities with known cases will be suspended for a week.”

He added, “All these decisions must be approved by the president to be implemented.”

*It’s worth mentioning not quarantining the cities with high number of patients is a critical mistake made by the government for about 4 weeks now. Also, any kinds of gathering must be banned but unfortunately for whatever reason, looks like people’s lives don’t matter to the regime. Even Saudi Arabia has limited pilgrims, haj omreh, until further notice. These decisions are disappointing to say the least!

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