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Islamic Gestapo, Illusionary TelAviv Metro, ArvanCloud in Europe & Other Reports


  • More arrests due to “Live Instagram” videos
  • “Commanding Good & Forbidding Evil Base” issues new orders
  • Hormozgan earthquake victims suffer in media blackout
  • Islamic Republic oppressive forces steal donations to victims
  • Horrifying condition of child workers in Iran
  • Islamic Republic propaganda network blunders badly
  • Maryam Karimbeigi, 20 days in prison in limbo
  • Activists call on dissidents to report on employees of oppressive companies

7 Arrested, 2 Stores Shut Down

Deputy Chief of Islamic Republic Cyberpolice announced 7 citizen were arrested because of “their immoral live Instagram videos!” The 2 stores where lives were recorded are shut down too. Ramin Pashaei failed to mention more details about the location, names,… Yesterday, he had reported several other arrests.

Providing Service to “Bad Hijab” Women Forbidden

The “Commanding Good & Forbidding Evil Base” (Morality police) in Mashhad had announced forming of a new “committee” to surveil profile pictures of employees on social media. Today, more details are revealed about the aspects of “21 Tir Base duties!” It bans “t-shirts, ties, bow ties, short/tight shirts,…” for men in addition to “checking women’s hijab, the color of their clothing,…” The Base has also issued orders to banks and other governmental institutions not to provide services to people with “bad hijab!”

Hormozgan Earthquake Victims Neglected…

By both the media and the Islamic Republic. According to reports, Hormozgan Governor announced 50Billion Toman will be allocated to rebuild the Sayeh Khvosh village. The 400-family village was 100% ruined by the 6.1M earthquake and subsequent aftershocks which continue to day. 1,196 homes were damaged, estimating more than 3,600 Billion Toman in total damages to infrastructure and families. Days after the devastating tragedy, the Islamic Republic has forgotten all about it as its media network rarely mention the incident and people are without electricity, water and air condition in 96+ F weather. Locals cry out: “If people’s help were not there, we wouldn’t have survived!”

Islamic Republic Stealing Donations

Locals reported Islamic Republic oppressive forces have set up a checkpoint at the entrance of Sayeh Khvosh village, taking all donations from people and not providing them to the victims. Several charitable people reported they were denied access to the village to distribute their donations because the “police” told them they’re not allowed and the “police” will do the deed!

“Child Workers Live Worse Than Slaves”

Majid Abhari, renowned sociologist, described horrifying condition of child workers in Iran. He said 24 were raped by a person and then killed by him! “Many live in a single room. One becomes the “bride” of the group, taking care of others while being violated by the older males.” He said the infants are rented out for 30,000Toman a day to beggers, the sick ones are more expensive! Abhari said all their earnings are collected by the leader of the group and they live in a worse condition than a slave.

Imaginary “Tel Aviv Metro” Hacked

The propaganda network of the regime trumpeted “hacking of Tel Aviv Metro” while the Israeli city has no metro to be hacked! The state-media began changing their stories and eventually, after being humiliated on social media, removed the article from their websites! Many are mocking the Islamic Republic with #مترو_تلاویو.

Maryam Karimbeigi Still in Limbo

The political prisoner and sister of Mustafa Karimbeigi, one of 2009 protests victims, has been in MOIS detention center in Evin prison for 20 days. She was in solitary for the majority of the time, and on hunger strike. She was recently moved to a cell in the same facility.

ArvanCloud Must Be Stopped…

Reporters Without Borders issued a statement condemning ArvanCloud, a company with registered branches in Germany, which helps the Islamic Republic oppressing dissidents, especially during protests, by disrupting the internet. Civil activists call on dissidents to report employees of the company to their employers, universities,… Dissidents want to stop the company oppressing their compatriots.


Official covid-19 stats

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