In less than 10 days, sensitive information of Iranian citizens who have trusted the Islamic Republic’s communication systems and infrastructure of information technology have been leaked 4 times in 4 different areas of the country’s various intelligence and IT fields and have been traded on the Internet.

Wednesday, April 8, personal information of 63 million accounts of Bank Saderat Iran’s customers were on sale in cyberspace. Customers’ email, full name, username, account number, card number, password and… other information from the bank’s customers are now traded online.

The Islamic Republic is unable to provide security for its citizens’ information. Not only has the lives and privacy of the people of the society been attacked and threatened daily by this inefficient regime, but today we are witnessing the complete collapse of a corrupt system in all sectors.

The collapse began last week with the hacking of fake versions of the Telegram app commissioned by the Azari Jahromi’s Ministry, which led to the leaking of 42 million Iranian users.

Almost simultaneously with the disclosure of the information of the users of “HotGram and Golden Telegram” and the release of this information for sale on the Internet, the information of 5 million users of the “Sib App” online store was leaked and on sale in the black market. On March 23, the phone number, email address, and name of 5 million Iranian users of the Sib App online store were revealed and made available to the public for trading.

Ministry of Health has set up a system for screening people suspected of COVID-19. Citizens would enter their national ID number and answer a few questions to receive health advice from the ministry. The result was, “name, national ID number and contact info” of the people participated in the program found its way to Darknet via the Ministry of Health’s system and was put up for sale.

It is no longer possible to use the term “hole” for these series of cyberspace security incidents. The term that best describes this phenomenon is “gap”. A deep gap that has opened its mouth in all administrative and intelligence apparatuses of the regime and the world can easily see it. After these incidents, there will be fewer Iranians who are even willing to trust the administrative and governmental apparatus to the extent of providing information such as their name and phone number. The country’s banking and financial system, websites and online stores that are only able to operate and trade with the people’ trust , have lost the little credit they had. The gap is visible at all levels and in all areas.

Translation of this article by Sahar.


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