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Arezou Saaberi
Arezou Saaberi
There comes a time in life when you have to choose whether to turn the page or to close the book!


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Two days after police raids and seizure operations in seven German states, which resulted in the confiscation of property and documents of three entities affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist organization and the sealing of their offices, new information on the activities and operators of these associations which were disguised as charity has been published in German media:

“These associations were led and managed by the Islamic Republic.”

According to “Tagesspiegel“, the information contained in the “Cease and Seizure ” directive issued by the German Ministry of the Interior indicates the fact that these associations were run by the “regime of the mullahs”. At least two associations, the “German / Lebanese Families” and the “Giving Peace”, state in their bylaws that “in case of dissolution, all the assets and property of these associations will be transferred to the Islamic Center of Hamburg.” The Islamic Center of Hamburg is, according to German security agencies, one of the most important branches coordinating the regime’s activities in Germany and Europe. Mohammad Hadi Mofatteh is currently in charge of this organization, representing the regime. In the 2020 report of the Hamburg branch of the Constitutional Protection Institution, Mofatteh is described as: “Mofatteh is the representative of current Tehran regime, who is well trained. In terms of his family, he is a permanent member of the “thousand family” in the Islamic Republic (his family is integrated in the elite class of the regime).” According to the same report, the position is “always and traditionally at the disposal of a person who is committed to the doctrine of government. He is Khamenei’s agent in Europe and the regime’s religious representative in the Shiite community. Mofatteh has a long history of working in managerial positions in the state media.”

Another clue to the Islamic Republic’s prominent role in the administration and management of these associations is the transfer of funds raised by the three associations to the Houthi rebels in Yemen, which are supported by Islamic Republic and known as the regime’s proxy. The “ban order” issued by the German Ministry of Interior cites a statement by one of the employees of these associations. He told the person who intended to donate to the association that the donor could transfer the money directly to Yemen.

 The evidence points to the undeniable fact that the Islamic Center of Hamburg, on behalf of the Islamic Republic in Europe, plays a key role in financing terrorism, and in this regard, the regime does not see itself limited in just plundering the national wealth of Iran and its citizens and has begun using the financial resources of citizens of other countries for a long time.

Islamic Republic: Main Operator of The Banned Hezbollah-linked Associations in Germany