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“Life, Price of Bread!”


  • “Life, price of bread” trending on social media
  • Official admits 9 million families under poverty line
  • Education Minister threatens protesting teachers
  • Islamic Republic takes another Swede hostage
  • Official blames mismanagement for sand storms
  • Toomaj Salehi threatened by MOIS
  • Cruel sentences against 3 Christian converts

Bread, Oil, Pasta,…

  • And many other essential needs are becoming luxury items for many Iranians. The regime has planned to remove subsidized flour for bread and ration it for families. Some bread types have soared by 13 times! The prices soar every day and the Islamic Republic officials try to manage the markets with their propaganda and spreading fake news. Bahadori-Jahromi, Raisi’s Spokesman, claimed “the price of breads will not increase until the end of year!” However, local reports indicate prices have almost doubled. The government is providing “coupons” for each family member for 4000 Toman per month, while 1 loaf of bread costs between 4-12,000 Toman. Cooking oil has become scarce and sellers force people to purchase other items before selling any oil! According to officials, even in chain supermakets, cooking oil is rationed.

“You can’t solve economic issues with speeches and false hopes!”

The Islamic Republic “Parliament” member told Shafaqna. Asafari admitted more than 9 million families are under poverty line. He blamed the entire regime for lack of action to solve problems. Asafari admitted the governments have been trying to solve problems by pick-pocketing from people! He criticized the current Raisi’s “economy team” saying they have not had any success yet! Based on NGO reports, homeless families go undetected and are not part of official stats, making the 9 million an absolute low figure.

“Protests are illegal!”

Teachers have held numerous nationwide protests in the past year, demanding higher pay and changes in education system. Many have been arrested, several are still in prison for solely attending the gatherings. Today, Yousef Nouri, Islamic Republic Education Minister threatened the participating teachers to being fired from their jobs.

Swedish National Arrested

Last week, the 30-something years old man was arrested when trying to leave Iran. His identity remains confidential but Sweden’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed the reports. Islamic Republic has objected Sweden for holding Hamid Nouri and his conviction for crimes against humanity during massacre of political prisoners in 1980s. The regime has threatened to execute Ahmad Jalali, an Iranian-Swede dual national, who has been in prison in Iran since 2016. The emergency doctor is sentenced to death for charges of “spying for Israel!” Islamic Republic’s hostage-taking policy is well documented.

Water Shortage, Sand Storms & Air Pollution

Head of Geology and Mineral Exploration Organization of Iran said the country has entered a 30-year drought period and is getting drier every year. Alireza Shahidi also explained the current sand storm which has reached most provinces has “domestic source and is not from external sources.” The current sand storm has shut down Khuzestan and several other provinces in recent weeks. Shahidi admitted the government has not done anything to prevent/solve the environmental issues in the country.

Toomaj Salehi threatened by MOIS

The dissident rapper has been sentenced to 6 months in prison, but the sentence was suspended for 1 year. However, he ran in a half-marathon in Shiraz with a mask written: November 2019 and PS752 across it. In a tweet he wrote: “Don’t be fooled with your masks. Every mask will be taken off one day!” Today, he tweeted MOIS is looking for him but “Zagros is my refuge, where not even tanks can penetrate it!”

Christian Convert Sentenced to 10 Years

Anoushavan Avadian is sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran. He is also banned from “social services.” Maryam Mohammad and Abbas Souri are the other 2 newly converts who have been sentenced to long-term social service bans, travel bans and exile from Tehran for several years.


Official covid-19 stats

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Total recovered
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