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Mahsa Amini: Arrested For Islamic Guidance, Ended Up Brain Dead!

Another tragedy and another crime at the hand of Islamic Republic police. Mahsa Amini, 22-year-old, from Saqez, Kurdistan province, traveled to Tehran with her family. September 14, around 6:30PM when she exits Haghani St Metro station with her brother, “Morality Security Gestapo” stops them. Mahsa is taken to the van where other “preys” have been captured. She and her brother, Kiarash, protest the police but Kiarash is told: “She’ll be taken to Vozara detention center, after 1 hour of classes and a promise not to do it again, she’ll be released!”

One of the girls who was in the van describes the situation: “Mahsa, myself and several others protested the police when they were taking us to Vozara. However, the officers tried to silence us by physical violence and beat us. Mahsa was still conscious, although, she wasn’t feeling well.” Another girl who was in the Vozara detention center and was brought in from another area of Tehran, in another van, continues: “I was in Vozara with tens of other girls. After a while, we noticed that one of the detainees isn’t well. We requested the officials to help her, but nobody cared. We screamed at officers because Mahsa was not well at all.”

One of the Islamic Republic goons responded to all the screams and pleads: “This is not Bollywood! We know you, we teach this behavior ourselves, stop it!” The witness continues: “But we didn’t back down, we continued to ask for help, but then they attacked us with batons and pepper sprays! Mahsa was one of us who got beaten, and after that she lost consciousness!” At this time a couple of officers went to “help” Mahsa with CPR. Meanwhile, other officers collected everybody’s phones so nobody can record anything! “After a very long delay, Ambulance came and transferred Mahsa.”

During all this commotion, Kiarash was outside Vozara, waiting for her sister’s “class” on hijab to be over! He said: “We could hear screams from inside. We asked officers ‘what’s going on inside? what are you doing to our loved ones?’ but nobody cared. It reached a point when they attacked us with batons and pepper sprays!” He says 20 minutes after this, an ambulance arrived, and about 20 minutes later it left the building. However, Islamic Republic goons lied to the family members: “One of our officers got hurt during a clash and is being transferred!” But family members were not convinced. They were worried.

When detainees were released, they told their families that one of them was ill and taken to hospital. Kiarash, with her sister’s photo in hand, asked every detainee about her well-being, until one recognized her and confirmed Mahsa was the one in the ambulance! Kiarash said: “Officers were not paying attention to my requests. Finally one came and said go to Kasra hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, we were told she’s in a coma in the ICU.” Kiarash visited her sister, but she was in a coma. The doctors have told them she had “simultaneous heart attack and stroke!” They told Mahsa’s family she may not wake up ever again!

Meanwhile, regime media and officials have scrambled to narrate a fake story. IRGC- media, Fars News, titled its report: “Police explanation about the heart condition of the depraved woman!” In the report, lies and contradictions are obvious: “Mahsa Amini was taken to one of detention centers of Greater Tehran for promising and education. She suddenly had a heart attack and was taken to a hospital immediately!” In a longer version of the announcement, Police has taken responsibility for Medical Examiner and judge as well: “All reports from enemy’s media are wrong. All evidence is in police custody and further news will be published!”

According to eye witnesses, Kasra hospital is filled with security agents and MOIS goons who do not allow anybody to take pictures. Mahsa’s family are reportedly threatened not to interview with any media outlet, especially the ones run from outside the country, or else!

Islamic Republic has intensified its implemention of “sharia laws” which stifle women. Stricter hijab, forcing the working women to stay home after noon, banning cycling, bowling and many other recreational activities.

This is neither the first time a detainee dies in custody of Islamic Republic, nor the first time the “Security Morality Gestapo” drags a woman and beat her for “education and promise!” Regime’s reaction to the tragedy is not surprising either. What is surprising, is the deafening silence from Western governments who claim human rights matter!



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