Majidreza Rahnavard has become a symbol of bravery for Iranians. His birthday is known as "National Lion and Sun Day".

    On December 12, 2022, Majidreza Rahnavard was murdered by the Islamic Republic in public. On the videos posted on social media, Majidreza is seen with a cast on his left arm and hand. He had “Lion & Sun”, the symbol of Iranian heritage and flag, tattooed on it, which was broken during 23 days of tortures.

    Majidreza Rahnavard was born on June 16, 1999. He participated in nationwide protests during Iran Revolution in 2022, after the Islamic Republic murdered Mahsa Amini. He was arrested on November 19, 2022 in Mashhad.

    He was indicted on November 24 and his first trial date was November 29, unusual even in Islamic Republic standards! In the sham trial which was only based on his “forced confessions under torture”, he’s sentenced to death by hanging in public. From arrest to death: 23 days!

    He became a symbol for Iranian for his bravery. In his last moments while surrounded by executioners, he didn’t beg them to let him go, but asked his family and people to not cry on his gravesite. “Do not pray for me, do not recite Quran. Be happy. Play happy music!”

    In the past 2 years, his birthday is celebrated as “National Lion and Sun Day”. On the eve of his birthday (based on Persian calendar), Iranians are trending #LionAndSunDay on X (formerly known as Twitter).

    Prince Reza Pahlavi called Majidreza one of the many heroes in Iran history:

    “The mob of the anti-Iranian Islamic Republic regime never imagined that by torturing Majidreza and hiding that respectable sign on that powerful hand, before his cruel murder, they were actually tying his name to a national day.”

    Majidreza Rahnavard and National Lion & Sun Day


    • Majidreza Rahnavard's birthday is celebrated as "National Lion and Sun Day."
    • Majidreza Rahnavard was murdered by the Islamic Republic after a sham trial.
    • From Majidreza's arrest to his execution in public only took 23 days.