The first political move of Masoud Pezeshkian had a symbolic character: canceling press conference because he was summoned to Khamenei’s office!

    Pezeshkian does not value “public opinion” that is expressed through “media”. The only thing that has real value and importance for him is Khamenei.
    – Why?
    Because he considers himself “melted” in Khamenei. He knows which magician made his name come out of empty ballot boxes. He admits that if it were not for Khamenei, his name would not have been pulled out of these boxes.

    Pezeshkian is the enemy of media and media transparency. He has made it clear many times on various occasions in the past years.

    In relation to the “transparency of officials’ property”, when he was a member of Islamic Consultative Assembly (Majlis), he said that he considers “the system” his confidant, but not the people.

    The media has no right to publish my personal assets. There is nothing wrong if the system wants to know about my assets.

    Masoud Pezeshkian – October 2021

    For “Hedieh Kimiaei”, a journalist who used to report on social issues in Iran, Pezeshkian has “doesn’t answer” next to his name:

    During my years as a journalist in Iran, I used to call Masoud Pezeshkian many times for various reports, both on my editorial phone and on my personal phone, and he never answered. He was one of those ‘representatives’ with ‘doesn’t answer’ next to his name. A couple of times that he would answer, he was angry, denied everything and hung up!

    Pezeshkian’s enmity with media and public opinion is not new. It has deep roots. It is not something related to recent years.

    In August 2010, when he served as a member of the “Khomeini fraction” in the 8th Majlis, in an interview, he gave an ethics lesson to ISNA reporter:

    It is not right to publicize the officials’ failure to fulfill their duties

    Masoud Pezeshkian, August 2010

    It seems that systematic corruption in the shadow of “concealment” and “lack of transparency” in the Islamic Republic will take on mafia-like dimensions and quality with Pezeshkian as “president” of the regime.

    Masoud Pezeshkian, Transparency & Corruption